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Connect better with citizens and empower agency innovation with comprehensive cloud government solutions from Oracle. Power today’s back office, enable remote services, and improve communities. Build trust as a smarter, more connected, and more secure government.

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State and Government cloud solutions

Solutions for a Future-Forward Government

Today’s smart governments must use their wealth of data to predict tomorrow, preparing their agencies and constituents for the challenges that must be met.

Improve decision-making

Get faster insights through analytical tools that help government visualize and plan. Agencies are increasingly digital and interconnected: Constituents instantly interact with city and state employees, and devices—sensors, smart phones, wearable technology, and cameras—provide a constant stream of digital data to help agencies think proactively about citizen needs. Managing all of that data requires a powerful analytics solution.

Predict the future

Move from a reactive to a proactive state. Amplify the value of all of your applications and provide your citizens with better experiences and services. Bring government to a new state that is open and transparent and responsive to any civic issue. Set the stage to solve big problems such as homelessness, fraud, and public safety, all in a thriving economic climate.

Making cloud secure

Multilayer security is a strong defense against cybersecurity threats. Oracle’s FedRAMP cloud services offer security features that automate key components of system administration and provide features to achieve tangible savings and minimize the potential for human error.

Reduce your IT costs

Cloud-based platforms enable agencies to drastically reduce spend while freeing up resources. Information technology leaders in government struggle with a common challenge: How do you innovate when approximately 75 percent of time and budget are dedicated to simply maintaining existing systems?

The power of the platform

Platform as a service (PaaS) connects on premises with cloud to ignite innovation. PaaS can seamlessly integrate legacy applications to the cloud while providing many of the cloud’s best features such as mobility, enhanced security, and advanced analytics.

Consolidate and migrate

Cloud readiness is the first step for many state and local agencies who must consolidate their sprawling data centers. Centralize disparate workloads onto Oracle’s engineered systems and leverage a cloud-adjacent architecture model for cloud-like elasticity in a secure data center within your walls.

Create a Cloud-Enabled, Mobile Back Office

Cloud-based back-office systems—from human capital to finance, procurement, and supply chain—can improve efficiency, automate rote tasks, and create a more open government.

Move finance to the cloud

A cloud-based finance system positions your agency for future growth. A modern government back office has no room for a thicket of spreadsheets, redundant manual processes, or legacy customizations. Migrating your data to Oracle ERP Cloud can be accomplished in months, not years, with Oracle Soar’s automated tools.

Simplify budget planning

Gain insights and efficiency with budgeting and planning in the cloud. The traditional five-year plan cannot accommodate the speed of today’s government. A configurable enterprise planning management (EPM) system can help state and local governments forecast the future and use the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to report on the present state.

Recruit your next generation of leaders

Recruit and retain top talent who have a passion to serve government. A comprehensive human capital management (HCM) system gives government agencies the tools to attract new talent that’s accustomed to a mobile, digital office environment. Once hired, this workforce will expect a suite of training and career advancement tools.

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Manage the logistics of government

From the procurement of employee laptops to the logistics of purchasing and maintaining a fleet of police cars, state and local governments require a suite of supply chain management tools to maximize taxpayer value. Combined with blockchain and the cloud, these tools can help agencies meet compliance regulations.

Enhance community interactions with government

Your citizens are your customers. Meet their higher expectations with virtual assistants, chat, and email communications options. Develop communities and help them prosper.

Enhance business interactions with government

Your businesses are your customers in your community. Meet their higher expectations with virtual assistants, chat, and email communications options. Develop communities and help them prosper by making it easier for businesses to get up and running.

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Oracle Public Safety

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“We were able to go from being in the office, to transitioning, to 100% remote working in 3 days, and not miss a beat in terms of our ability to service our employees, retirees, and candidates.”

Alexandria Smith

Chief Human Resources Officer, City of Memphis

Support communities, enrich lives, and build trust

  • Serve, protect, and engage

    Build trust between first responders and the communities they serve with a cloud-centric experience that connects equipment, data, and systems. Enable real-time safety, responsiveness, and transparency.

    Explore public safety
  • Advance citizen health and welfare

    Improve community healthcare access, coordination, and quality. Deepen insights into population health, disease prevention, and treatment outcomes.

    Explore public health
  • Equip schools and students for success

    Support student achievement and institutional resilience. Gain insights into student and instructor performance. Efficiently manage finances and operations. Recruit, support, and retain the right teachers to deliver educational excellence.

    Explore primary and secondary education

State and Local Health Services

State and local health agencies can help deliver improved health insights and experiences for patients, providers, payers, and the public.

  • Public Health

    Oracle offers secure and reliable healthcare solutions that connect clinical, operational, and financial data, improving care and advancing decision-making capabilities.

  • Health information exchange

    Integrate patient information across multiple systems spanning state and local agencies to securely improve care coordination and outcomes.

  • Next-gen predictive analytics

    Use the latest technologies and data science tools to improve analysis in a secure, compliant environment. Build evidence-based models to help predict, prevent, and address unanticipated health crises.

  • Grants management

    Improve visibility into all aspects of the research grant process. Track and report on funding sources, comply with billing and reporting requirements, track indirect costs, and automate sponsorship invoices.

Featured government cloud products

Oracle Government Cloud

Rely on a secure, cost-effective, and open cloud infrastructure built for government. Oracle Government Cloud includes two Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) regions for the public sector, or a public cloud option for less stringent requirements.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Move your financial data to a secure, modern cloud. From procurement to core accounting and reporting functions, government leaders can securely access vital financial data anytime, anywhere.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

Recruit and retain the top talent you need to deliver critical services and to build trust with constituents.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Gain faster insights and improve decision-making. Predict trends and anticipate needs as an agile and smart government.

Oracle CX for Government

Enable constituents to connect using personalized digital services, such as critical case management assistance. Deliver multichannel experiences.

Oracle Permitting and Licensing

Accelerate permits and inspections, planning and zoning, code enforcement and business licensing through an integrated cloud platform built for government.

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