Oracle Planning and Zoning

Manage your community’s land use with planning and zoning software designed to promote the growth of livable and workable neighborhoods. Offer the public a self-service experience, from application submissions to fee payments to plan revisions in preparation for public hearings. Provide your staff with powerful tools to manage applications and critical activities, schedule hearings, and fast-track approvals.

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Enforce land use regulations equitably and transparently

Online planning applications

Offer the public responsive application intake forms that gather just the information you need for each planning entitlement. Allow applicants to complete each step at their own pace, from any device.

Preapplication consultation

Encourage applicants to sign up for preapplication consulting services. Make it easy for them to schedule appointments with your planners online.

Always available digital assistants

Serve residents on the go with a digital assistant. Oracle’s intelligent chatbot uses conversational AI to guide individuals to the right information and applications for their project, saving applicants time and reducing errors in application submissions.

Online payments

Let applicants pay their project fees online using their preferred payment method. Ensure the right payments are collected by automatically assessing fees based on the application type.

Tailored workflow automation

Transform how your agency reviews, processes, and approves entitlement applications. Define your workflows to move applications automatically through your unique approval process, and keep your staff focused with intelligent worklists that organize action items and required tasks.

Conditions of approval

Gather conditions of approval easily from reviewers across departments, package them automatically for hearings, and track and enforce them as work progresses from the planning stage to permitting, licensing, and ongoing operations.

Manage high-impact projects

Organize and group all transactions and activities—entitlements, permits, inspections, and more—into a development project for easy tracking, complete with robust analytics.

Enable location-informed decisions

A pre-built Esri integration allows planners to view application submissions in the context of maps, providing the necessary context to gather the right information and route applications quickly for processing.

Hearing scheduler

Fast-track approvals using a flexible scheduling system to assign hearing dates and manage calendars across multiple hearing bodies.

Proximity-based public notifications

Easily send public hearing notifications using a map-based proximity search to generate the required notification lists.

Manage appeals online

Allow applicants or members of the community to appeal decisions via your public portal, within the timeframes your agency allows. Gather the necessary information for the appeal along with any required fees, at the click of a button. Track appeal decisions and outcomes as part of the overall application process.

Monitor all transactions for a property

Easily view and manage all transactions of any type associated with a parcel, including entitlements, permits, business licenses, incidents, or code violations.

Prevent unauthorized activity

When necessary, apply a lock, hold, or notice condition to a parcel or address. When applied all existing and future transactions for that parcel are notified and impacted accordingly, at your discretion. When the condition is resolved, transactions and activity automatically resume.

Track parcel genealogy

Use guided tools to manage the ongoing genealogy of a parcel, including parcel splits, merges, and lot line adjustments. Follow step-by-step guides to establish parent and child parcels. Manage parcel attributes, including addresses, owners, size, and districts.

Reconcile provisional parcels

Easily reconcile provisional parcels by replacing temporary parcel identification numbers with new ones. Retain history with cross-references that are created through reconciliation.

Guided planning application designer

Design your application type intake forms while establishing your unique record structure. Use predelivered fields and field groups or build your own.

Configurable workflows

Define your application review and approval processes, reusable across entitlement types, with a drag-and-drop visual experience.

Configurable entitlement activities

Define the activities and the due dates for critical tasks by entitlement type, based on your jurisdiction’s required deadlines. Streamline processing and crucial enforcement by automatically adding activities and due dates to applications when they are received.

Configurable expiration rules

Determine the rules for application extension or expiration, by application or preapplication type. Follow the timeframes and process unique to your agency.

Conditions of approval

Set up standard conditions by entitlement type. Conditions of approval are automatically added to applications when they are received. Planners can review, edit, and add application-specific conditions.


Leverage prebuilt pixel perfect reports for planning application activity, welcome letters for applicants, conditions of approval reports, invoices, and more.


Use prebuilt analytics dashboards for planning applications, hearing activity, projects, plan review, properties, and receipts, or update them to track your key measures, or build your own analysis.

Key benefits of a purpose-built land use planning and zoning solution

01Provide a collaborative, highly responsive planning process

The solution’s responsive design and easy navigation allows developers, contractors, and homeowners to be productive and connected from any web-enabled device, throughout the entire process.

02Manage the entire entitlement process with ease

Focus agency staff on core responsibilities such as reviewing applications, plan reviews, hearings and conditions of approval, streamlined with automation that drives timelines, approval processes, personalized worklists, and notifications.

03Meet agency-defined service level agreements

Empower your staff with a highly configurable solution that uses your rules, timeframes, and automation to identify deadlines, send critical notifications, and streamline processes.

04Oversee vital development projects

With a single, summarized view, track all of the activities, fees, and interactions for the most important residential and commercial development projects in your community.

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