Oracle Code Enforcement

Keep your community safe and encourage compliance. Oracle helps agencies resolve issues quickly and efficiently using a modern, online system that lets residents report and manage incidents on the fly, uses automation to route all case activity, and empowers code officers with flexible productivity tools.

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Make code enforcement work for your community

Incident reporting

Offer your residents a simple, guided process to report potential violations. Graphics, a guided step by step experience, and embedded maps make it quick and easy to gather the right information and report issues from any device.

Manage violations

Assist residents in correcting violations. Let responsible parties use your public portal to indicate when an issue has been resolved and is ready for inspection by your officers.

Online fee payments

Make it easy for residents to pay their citation fees, using their desired payment method, through your online system. Update the status of their case in real time.

Case tracking

Allow your residents to track reported incidents and monitor the status of code cases through your online portal or by email. Promote accountability and offer transparency into code enforcement activities.

Oracle 311 and omnichannel solutions

Oracle Code Enforcement comes ready to integrate to Oracle’s powerful cloud 311 solutions for seamless reporting of incidents of all types. Automatically transfer code violations to Code Enforcement for processing.

Incident review and assignment

Manage incoming incidents for quick inspection scheduling. Automatically assign based on incident location for faster turnaround. Enable code technicians to easily check for duplicates or reroute incidents to other agency departments for improved collaboration.

Inspection scheduling

Ensure consistent and equitable enforcement by auto-scheduling inspections using time-based rules. All case activity is automatically routed based on the rules, timeframes, and procedures you define.

Municipal code officer mobile application

Empower your code officers to perform onsite inspections using a native mobile application. Let officers plan, manage, and result inspections via their phone or tablet, and rely on maps for context as they work their designated inspections.

Case management

Handle a higher volume of incidents with worklists designed to track and manage complex cases and associated fees. Keep your staff focused on the cases, notices, and violations they are responsible for, while allowing the system to prioritize work based the rules and hierarchy you define.


Create a fast, easy, and efficient process to deliver notices of violations and citations. With a few clicks, code technicians can dynamically generate notices that can be printed and mailed or sent via email.

Citation management

Enable your code officers to issue and track citations in the field using a mobile application designed specifically for the work they do each day. From the associated code case, officers can quickly create a citation, apply fees, and auto-schedule a final inspection based on the compliance date indicated.

Automated processing and time-based rules

Route and process cases based on the rules, timeframes, and procedures you define for your agency. Use proximity search to identify duplicates to save staff time.

Fee assessments and payments

Automatically calculate penalties and fees based on your agency’s specific citation rules. Allow your residents to make electronic payments using your online portal.

Configurable case types and sub-types

Define the code case hierarchy that your agency uses to easily route reported incidents to those responsible for specific enforcement activities.

Configurable workflows

Define your agency-specific processes for handling abatement and liens, reusable across case types, with a drag-and-drop visual experience.

Configurable time-based rules

Define robust rules to drive case progression and related activities by case type. Use automated system processing and notifications for incident, inspection, violations, citations, appeals, fees, and abatements.

Noticing rules

Define specific notice layouts based on case type and notice count to easily manage timely and consistent correspondence that is automatically associated to the case for traceability.

Configurable fees

Define simple or complex fee types, using variable inputs, tailored to various code violation types or conditions.

Citations, violations, and receipts

Leverage prebuilt pixel perfect reports for notice of violation, citations, payment invoices and receipts, refund receipts, and more. Configure each to meet your desired layout and standards or use the available tools to create your own.

Analytics and dashboards

Gain visibility into your code enforcement operations and track key measures. Prebuilt dashboards for code cases, code inspections, parcels, fees and payments, and more provide ready-to-use analyses. Monitor critical measures like case statistics by issue type, incident and case trends, and more.

Oracle Code Enforcement benefits

01Encourage compliance with digital service

Enable residents to report incidents, request inspections, pay fees, and resolve issues from anywhere, on any device.

02Boost productivity in the field

Better serve your community by focusing your code officers on your most critical cases. Give them the mobile capabilities to track, manage, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently in the field.

03Maximize the efficiency of your agency

Reduce delays and unnecessary administrative overhead by automatically assigning cases to the appropriate departments and code officers. Ensure the right people are focused on the right work with worklists that serve up the cases, notices, and violations for which they are responsible.

04Ensure equitable handling of code violations

Consistently administer violations and citations, according to your municipal code, with automation that ensures your critical processes are being followed, based on your timelines.

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