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Simplify the way your residents, developers, and contractors discover, apply for and track permits in your community. Deliver an intuitive, self-service application experience, streamline your review and approval processes, and optimize field inspections to keep commercial and residential projects moving forward.

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Foster commercial and residential developments with modern, online services.

Web-based permit applications

Provide your residents with responsive application intake forms that collect just the information you need for each permit type. Allow your community to submit permit applications in the manner they are comfortable with — whether that’s a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone, or over-the-counter service.

Permit guide

Offer a permit guide to unfamiliar users to ensure the right permit applications are completed, the first time. Oracle’s Permit Guide helps individuals locate the information and applications they need using intelligent online interviews with question-and-answer interfaces.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Help your residents navigate the permit process and get information with 24/7 automated assistance. Always available chatbots provide easy to use, conversational guidance to homeowners, contractors, or developers.

Fee estimates and digital payments

Simplify permit fees for your residents and collect the right payments faster. Fees are automatically assessed based on permit types, giving your applicants to ability to view fee estimates before applying. Residents can pay their fees electronically when submitting their applications, using their preferred payment method.

Automated workflows

Focus your staff while connecting workflows across your agency with role-based tasks. Automatically assign and route each step in the application lifecycle to the appropriate departments or individuals, based on the review and approval processes you define. Each member of your agency enjoys their own user interface to manage activities assigned to them.

Personalized worklists

Provide agency staff members with worklists that are tailored to the tasks they need to complete. Work is organized by type of tasks and show the number of tasks in each queue, so the most important work can be done quickly. Complete tasks with a few clicks from the list or drill in for more detailed analysis.

Efficient supervisor consoles

Ensure supervisors have at-a-glance control of all of the tasks across important functions in the department—like inspections or plan review. Supervisor consoles bring together a birds-eye view of all transactions and key information, tailored to each type of activity, so work can be scheduled, rescheduled, managed and completed quickly.

Easily process extensions and expirations

Manage the expiration or extension of permits based on timelines or inspection activity. Notify responsible parties with system-generated alerts and emails when action is required.

Streamline your plan review process

Ensure plans are fully reviewed by the right departments and individuals—in the exact way your agency requires, by permit type. Let automated assignments, calculated due dates, and service level agreements drive your plan review cycle. Take advantage of Oracle’s out-of-the-box integration with the leading electronic document review solution, BlueBeam, to streamline your plan review process further.

Mobile inspector application

Give your inspectors a fully featured mobile application to plan, manage, and result inspections from any device. Provide the field access to all the information they need, including inspection details, location notes, and navigation instructions, and allow them to result inspections using mobile tools like photo, video, complete and sign, and more.

Flexible inspection scheduling

Streamline how your agency schedules inspections. Set up your online portal to allow members of the public to choose from available inspection times, allow your supervisors to schedule inspections based on requests, or let the system automatically assign inspections. Empower your inspectors to claim appointments or create new inspections in the field using their mobile app.

Inspection checklists

Use guided inspection checklists and scoring algorithms to determine inspection results and ensure consistent enforcement. During an inspection, your inspectors can review each checklist item, attach comments, upload evidence, and capture signatures for their reviewed work – all from their mobile device.

Inspection management

Maximize your agency’s limited time and resources by focusing inspectors on the activities that represent the greatest risk to safety, such as building code violations. Intelligently assign inspections based on your agency’s unique needs and patterns of work.

Guided permit type designers

Design your permit type intake forms, while establishing your unique record structure. Use predelivered fields and field groups or build your own.

Configurable workflows

Define your permit application review and approval processes, reusable across permit types, with a drag-and-drop visual experience.

Inspection type grouping

Setup your inspection checklists, checklist items, and scoring mechanisms. Group inspection types together, for ease of setup and use.

Configurable expiration rules

Determine the rules for permit expiration and extension, by permit type. Configure grace periods. Follow the timeframes and processes unique to your agency.

Department level plan review

Establish plan review processes, by department. Easily configure manual or electronic plan review workflows, attaching assignments, due dates, and service level agreements.

Personalize job cards, forms, and receipts

Leverage prebuilt pixel perfect reports for permit card, inspection summary report, payment invoices and receipts, refund receipts, and more. Configure each to meet your desired forms or use the available tools to create your own.

Operational reporting

Leverage the solution’s powerful reporting capabilities to schedule, generate, and send reports that monitor critical permit and inspection activities. Configure delivered reports to meet your needs or build your own operational reports.

Analytics and dashboards

Use industry leading analytic capabilities to optimize your operations. Rely on delivered dashboards with prebuilt analyses for permits, plan review, inspections, properties, and receipts to monitor KPIs like permit counts, inspection pass rates, top 10 permits with major violations, and more. Refine analyses and dashboards to meet your key measure or build your own and access them from the application with just a click.

Boone County digitized their paper-based permitting system to deliver higher-quality service online.

Key benefits of a modern, purpose-built permitting solution

01 Enable a digital-first experience

Simplify the permit process for your residents, contractors, and builders and ensure the right steps are taken with easy-to-use application intake forms that can be completed anywhere from any device.

02 Eliminate approval bottlenecks

Streamline your review process using step-by-step workflows that automatically assign tasks to the appropriate individuals or departments, keeping your staff focused on the right work.

03 Manage inspections with flexibility

Empower your inspectors with mobile access to all the information they need to perform inspections in the field, anywhere and anytime, according to your building codes.

04 Adapt with agility

Keep pace with a shifting regulatory environment by empowering your staff to configure the system and update it as quickly as your needs change.

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