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Open for business 24x7 to build and support a thriving community. Oracle helps agencies foster economic growth and deliver outstanding service with a flexible licensing solution that guides business owners with ease and streamlines processes for agency staff.

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Guide business owners through each step of the licensing lifecycle

Take your licensing operation online and accelerate each step in your approval lifecycle. Let business owners apply, pay fees, report revenue, amend, and renew their business license from anywhere, on any device.

Self-guided experiences

Guide users of all experience levels through your intake process with easy-to-follow questionnaires that recommend the proper application forms. Encourage entrepreneurs to sign up for business coaching and send personalized communications and reminders to educate and inform business owners about local requirements.

Intuitive, web-based applications

Easily register businesses using application forms that collect industry-specific information needed for each business type. Use a guided, step-by-step intake process to ensure that all business applications and renewals are submitted accurately and revenue is captured accordingly.

Support on any channel

Let applicants or registered users interact with your agency using their preferred channel or device—web, tablet, phone—at any time of day.

Online payments and fee calculations

Allow registered applicants to pay their fees online during the application process or when required. Offer an online calculator to estimate fees based on the application type and ensure the proper amounts are collected based on reported revenue.

Industry-specific business coaching

Educate prospective businesses, in-person or through teleconference, on local economics and the processes they need to follow to open their business. Define the services you offer, from personalized consultations with agency staff to group training sessions. Assign resources specific to the business’s needs and intentions based on each scheduled appointment.

Online appointment scheduling

Let entrepreneurs request appointments online and use the system to assign a business specialist. Send personalized meeting invitations using agenda templates to highlight the required steps to obtain a local business license.

Simplified data entry

Encourage entrepreneurs to apply for their license with a streamlined application process. Use information collected before and during a consultation to easily create the license application—saving time and effort for everyone.

Automated application routing

Define your specific review and approval processes and automatically route all licensing activity based on your criteria.

Business license renewals

Let business owners renew their license online using prefilled applications that make it easy to capture or change information. Ensure fees are calculated correctly based on reported revenue and process renewals automatically.

Amendments and changes

Enable business owners to request amendments to reflect their current business scenario through your self-service system.

Manage the business

Make it easy for business owners to manage multiple licenses, locations, and activities by centralizing business information into a single system of record.

Monitor compliance

Easily track compliance and alert on businesses with expiring or expired licenses. Automate notifications and enforce operating conditions across all business activities or locations.

Business reporting and analytics

Track all relevant insights and analysis on license activities, associated revenue, noncompliant businesses or individuals, and more, using visual dashboards prebuilt or configured by agency staff.

Deliver comprehensive views

Improve regulatory oversight by creating a single, cohesive view of all business entity activities. See at a glance all related licensing and permitting activities, including inspections, zoning requirements, conditional use or operating requirements, and municipal code violations.

Transfer of ownership

Allow business owners to use your self-service system to buy, sell, or transfer ownership from one individual or entity to the next. Retain all historical business activity records and operating insight.

Guided designer

Use visual, drag-and-drop tools and step-by-step guides to design your license origination, renewal, amendment, and intake experience and establish your unique record structure. Collect, track, and report on the data you need—your way.

Configurable workflows

Define your license application review and approval processes—with drag-and-drop simplicity—based on what your specific agency requires. Leverage reusable templates across license types.

Configurable fees

Define simple or complex fee types, using variable inputs, tailored to different business license types or conditions.

Configurable expiration rules

Define robust expiration rules by license type to trigger automated system processing and notifications. Track by fixed or issue date and set grace periods before penalties begin.

Oracle Business Licensing benefits

01 Modernize regulatory processes

Attract businesses and accelerate economic growth with a fully digital license application and renewal process. Customize processes to meet your agency’s needs with configurable workflows, spatial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

02 Deliver the responsiveness that businesses demand

Transform how businesses interact with your agency with a digitally connected experience across channels and devices. Process requests faster, while ensuring consistency across complex regulatory licensing environments.

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03 Support economic development in your community

Introduce guided, online applications and business telecoaching to give new entrepreneurs and long-standing businesses the best chance of success in your community.

Jumpstart your community with permitting and licensing solutions

04 Address noncompliance and improve regulatory oversight

Effectively track businesses operating without the proper licenses, automate the notifications of expiring licenses, and encourage compliance with a streamlined renewal process.

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