Digital front door

Elevate your patients’ healthcare experience. From booking an appointment online to completing previsit paperwork and paying bills on preferred devices, Oracle Health helps you place the consumer at the center of their healthcare journey.

Digital front door healthcare products

Empower patients to navigate their care

Patients weigh their healthcare experiences in much the same way as they do their banking or shopping experiences. They desire familiarity, convenience, access to their health record, and the ability to communicate with their care team. Oracle Health Patient Portal gives patients the tools to better navigate their care.

A patient-centric experience

Enhance your patients’ experience. Provide secure messaging between patients and clinicians, direct scheduling, and the ability to view, download, and transmit lab results, prescription refills, and patient education resources.

Enhance patient engagement

Empower patients to take a proactive role in their care where and when they need it most through patient engagement solutions designed to inform, educate, and connect them with their care team.

Customize your digital front door strategy

Consumer framework

Customize your organization’s digital front door strategy. Embed Oracle Health strategic third-party patient engagement solutions, including appointment scheduling, patient intake, financial engagement, video visit, and digital therapeutics solutions, into the patient portal.

Oracle Health Consumer Extensibility

Enhance customization by embedding proprietary digital tools and broader third-party technology into the consumer experience with our Consumer Extensibility capabilities.

Streamline care navigation

Online appointment scheduling

Help match patients with the right clinician through enhanced clinician data and search capabilities. Embed a network-level clinician directory and self-appointment scheduling capabilities into the Oracle Health Patient Portal.

Patient intake

Reduce staff workloads and empower patients to complete surveys and consent forms and process payments prior to their visit on their preferred device with digital patient intake and check-in capabilities.

Financial engagement

Provide patients with a consumer-centric financial experience. Address affordability with personalized estimates and payment options by leveraging data analytics and machine learning.

Engage consumers through their preferred modality

Oracle Health Unified Consumer Communications

Enable consumers to engage with you bidirectionally. Aggregate disjointed communication channels across your organization into a single text message thread, and track the success of communication efforts through unified reporting.

Oracle Health CRM Connector—a clinically informed CRM

Build a more holistic view of your population—their engagement behavior and patterns, demographics, clinical status, and preferences—with our integrated healthcare CRM offering.

We will continue to embrace advanced technologies, systems, and processes like [Oracle Health CRM Connector] in order to better serve our population and improve the healthcare experience for our patients.

Mike Spencer Chief Information Officer, Henry Community Health

  • Client success

    Henry Community Health delivers a personalized consumer experience with [Oracle Health CRM Connector].

Benefits of digital front door products

  • Enable an open ecosystem

    Customize your digital front door strategy to best fit the needs of your population.

  • Meet rising consumer expectations

    Offer consumers an experience that is similar to how they engage with brands in other industries.

  • Streamline care journey navigation

    Simplify the complexities of healthcare and help consumers easily navigate their care journey.

  • Personalize the healthcare experience

    Engage consumers in a way that is personalized and relevant to their needs.

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