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Oracle Health aims to help organizations maximize compliance, improve patient care, increase clinical and operational efficiencies, and drive cash flow through optimized billing—wherever care is delivered. We help home health organizations implement standards and best practices that focus on optimizing transitions of care, physician signature workflows, clinical document exchange, and clinician-to-clinician messaging.

An EHR designed for home care

With MatrixCare Home Health - we offer an integrated home health electronic health record (EHR) that helps enable physicians to make informed care decisions, reduce the administrative burden, and create a smoother end-to-end consumer experience.

Enhance your clinical and business performance

MatrixCare Home Health is designed to help your home health organization implement standards and best practices that optimize transitions of care and facilitate the proper documentation being captured to avoid patient misinformation, technological silos, and revenue loss.

Electronic document exchange

Enable care plans and physician orders to be electronically signed and returned from MatrixCare Home Health to our EHR message center.

Transitions of care

Support smooth patient transitions between venues of care with direct secure messaging to help post-acute care agencies manage the entire continuum of care and more.

Clinician-to-clinician messaging

Enable bidirectional clinician communication with documentation, such as outbound notes and encounter summaries.


Transfer clinical documents via Oracle Health Connect to CommonWell, a vendor-neutral alliance that facilitates the exchange of structured chart data across vendors and care settings.

Benefits of our integrated home health EHR

Our integrated EHR offering—which brings together MatrixCare Home Health and our electronic health record—delivers a diversified care network solution with a single login. Through our offering, we aim to help improve compliance, patient care, and billing and increase clinical and operational efficiencies.

Patient management and care

Enable effective patient management—from the flow of information between referring physicians, case managers/discharge planners, and your organization through to intake, Medicare eligibility checks, and admissions.

Clinical information management

Efficiently and accurately capture documentation, photos, orders, and other data regardless of connectivity. Furthermore, meet compliance and regulatory requirements with built-in checks that help facilitate the necessary data being entered at the point of care.

Financial management

Leverage point-of-care documentation that’s integrated into billing to help support time-to-bill submissions. Benefit from built-in rules and validations that help facilitate bills being accurate prior to submission.

Process optimization

Improve billing accuracy and clinical and patient information at the same time. This solution supports thorough documentation to help you achieve accurate claims.

Ensure compliance

Receive clinical and regulatory updates from a web-based system. Best practices built into the home health solution help provide added protection against audits and support improved compliance with rules-based processes.

HME, also referred to as durable medical equipment (DME)

In collaboration with Brightree HME/DME, we offer a cloud-based business management and billing solution with specialized workflows built specifically for HME businesses. The integrated solutions help simplify workflows—from patient intake to collections.

Share data

Share referral source, manufacturer, and patient data throughout your organization.

Manage your HME billing

Help optimize reimbursements and collections from both payers and patients.

Build relationships

Nurture your relationships with patients and referral sources.

Gain visibility into your business’s financial health

Use analytics and metrics to monitor the success of your business.

Simplify a traditionally manual process

Our comprehensive suite of home infusion pharmacy solutions consolidates home infusion, pharmacy, and HME into one patient record, capturing new patient referrals, prescriptions, resupplies, and eligibility verifications—all electronically.

Integrate with our EHR using Oracle Health Electronic Prescribing Interoperability

Accept new referrals and process and refill prescription orders electronically.

Manage documents

Capture, manage, share, and secure prescriptions.

Simplify the inventory and order management process

Manage orders from order entry through refill management, and use prepopulated data, lot tracking, and recall reports for smooth inventory management.

Support payment efficiency

Apply payments from National Council for Prescription Drug Programs efficiently with revenue cycle worklist prioritization and prescription reconciliation.

I believe that the [Oracle Health EHR] and [MatrixCare Home Health] integration has decreased manual data entry, referral processing times, and data entry errors. Additionally, I feel that this integration has led to a decrease in physician signature turnaround times, which, in turn, has decreased billing time.

Farida Chettfour System Analyst, NorthBay Healthcare System

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