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Oracle Health shares a commitment with long-term care (LTC) providers to help make LTC management better than it is today. Our solutions connect long-term care organizations via initiatives such as CommonWell Health Alliance, Oracle Direct Platform, and health information exchanges across the country. Regardless of where data might originate, we are focused on enabling health information to be accessible by long-term care providers wherever necessary by connecting every venue of care.

Skilled nursing management and long-term care EHR solutions

Documentation at the point of care

Oracle Health Care Tracker provides caregivers with a simple way to document information at the point of care via mobile devices and/or wall-mounted kiosks and workstations.

Mobile documentation

Care Tracker features picture icons with yellow highlights that indicate which documentation categories must be completed by caregivers during their shift. The visual icons and intuitive workflows are designed to help caregivers minimize the time they have to spend reading and learning about the documentation requirements.

A comprehensive health picture

We help organizations quickly record and view documentation for activities of daily living, meal intakes, mood, and behavior—providing a more complete picture of each resident’s true condition.

Care team communication

Care Tracker can help your staff members view and communicate information regarding facility functions and changes in individuals’ conditions.

Individual-centered programs

With Care Tracker, your facilities can create and monitor progress toward specific care plan goals for restorative programs, behaviors, toileting programs, turn-and-reposition programs, and anything unique to a specific resident.

Clinical intelligence

Our clinical intelligence tool analyzes millions of data records collected by caregivers to help you quickly identify potential issues. You can also understand each resident’s care needs by comparing and analyzing data trends.

Solutions for long-term care agencies

Our long-term care EHR solutions benefit your entire care team—from clinicians to minimum data set (MDS) assessment coordinators. It’s important to have the right tools and data at your fingertips so your care teams can seamlessly share consistent information throughout the patient’s care journey.

Connect care agencies across the continuum of care

Our long-term care EHR solutions aim to help long-term care organizations—regardless of their size—consolidate resident health information into a single person-centered electronic health record.

Reimagine the MDS

The MDS Intelligence solution provides advice to your MDS assessment coordinators to help them ensure each file is complete and accurate. Results can be analyzed to help identify opportunities to maximize reimbursement.

Supporting your revenue cycle goals

Help your long-term care, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities navigate the billing process and get the right claims to the right place at the right time.

Efficient financial management

Connect accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll to the general ledger through specifically designed workflows.

Resident trust and cash box functionality

Manage accounts with or without the need to include interest with resident trusts. Support resident trust reporting, provide routine and on-demand account statements, and track and account for cash box funds.

General ledger

With our clinical and financial systems integration, we help you keep an up-to-date census.

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

We assist you with your PBJ tracking and submission needs for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Import or enter staff names and hours from time clock and payroll applications, and generate reports to submit to CMS.

Accounts payable

Enter vendor information and track payment history with the ability to complete invoices, disburse multiple expenses, and view information in the drill-down menu.

Key benefits of our LTC solutions

  • Interoperability

    Help reduce medication errors, duplicative lab tests, and missing diagnoses that can potentially result in readmissions and increased care costs with our interoperable solutions.

  • Care coordination

    Use purpose-built platforms that support your organization’s needs now and in the future with advanced solutions that connect the full continuum of care.

  • On-demand reporting

    On-demand reporting tools help clinicians make more-informed clinical and operational decisions, and editable dashboards display data concisely for increased efficiency.

  • Insightful analytics

    Identify areas of interest and concern to address issues before they become problems using our analytics solutions. Create goals and thresholds and visualize trend lines to affirm you’re providing the best care possible.

Key features of our LTC solutions

  • Tailored documentation

    Long-term care EHR includes documentation tailored to the long-term care workflow, supporting acute care, ambulatory, and physician practices across the globe.

  • Clinical intelligence and analytics

    Prove to your referral partners that patients transitioning to your facility are in good hands when they check in.

  • Financial management

    Improve your billing efficiency with an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface, streamlined menu options, and professional reporting capabilities.

  • Point-of-care documentation

    Portable devices and wall-mounted touchscreens make it easier for caregivers to document clinical information at the point of care.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Our solution is continually updated to adhere to regulatory changes and to best serve your organization.

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