Oracle Health Seamless Exchange

Access a more comprehensive record of patient care across the care continuum by connecting external and internal patient data with Oracle Health Seamless Exchange. Present cleansed data to clinicians in a simplified workflow, reduce their data burden, and equip them with a holistic view of a patient’s medical history.

Learn how University of Missouri Healthcare is using Oracle Health Seamless Exchange for a more complete view of patients' medical history.

Improved data exchange: Better data and simpler workflows

Expanded access to the longitudinal patient record

Build a more holistic view of each patient’s medical history with Oracle Health Seamless Exchange. Integrate data from nationwide interoperable sources, and help clinicians with up-to-date insight into a patient’s health history through new discrete data, such as lab results, vital signs, and encounters, in near real time.

Trusted sources

Decrease time spent reconciling data. With our innovative feature—the ability to identify other venues of care as trusted sources—you have the flexibility to designate discrete clinical concepts to automatically write into the local record.

Cleansed patient histories

Equip clinicians with unique and high-quality information for care decisions. Use our solution's deduplication engine to remove redundant data through our advanced deduplication and filtering process.

Patient records simplified. Seamlessly.

In the clinics where we’ve launched Oracle Health Seamless Exchange, we’ve seen the benefits of its data deduplication capabilities firsthand and gained reconciliation efficiencies quickly. It is simplifying the ingestion of critical external health data. Now, with external patient data more consistently integrated into the local chart, our clinicians can make care decisions more confidently, considering all relevant factors so patients receive more consistent and better care.

Robert Pierce MD, MSPH, FAAFP, DABPM-CI, Medical Director for Clinical Decision Support, MU Health Care

Key benefits of Oracle Health Seamless Exchange

After a decade of making data exchange possible, information is flowing. But now clinicians are flooded with more data than they can manage. Insightful data may go unused. Our solution simplifies data with intuitive workflows that offer a cleansed, holistic view of a patient’s history.

  • Support well-informed care decisions

    Aggregate external health data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive, longitudinal patient record with our solution.

  • Reduce time spent on data gathering

    Lessen the clinician burden of sifting data. Duplicate data is removed so only new and relevant data is surfaced to clinicians for review.

  • Enable efficient and intuitive workflows

    Use improved workflows. Data is presented in the workflow by clinical concept, removing the need to search multiple sources for critical information.

  • Gain new insights from discrete and narrative data

    Receive up-to-date insights into a patient’s health with near real-time data on expanded concepts, such as lab results, vital signs, and encounters.

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