Oracle real-world data solutions

Facilitate meaningful insights and advance research discovery for your organization with our real-world data solutions, which provide access to national, de-identified, linkable, and secure clinical data sets.

Real-world data solutions

Enrich and accelerate your research with access to real-world, person-centric data through our Oracle Learning Health Network (LHN) and Oracle EHR Real-World Data (RWD) offerings.

Activate, execute, and accelerate clinical studies

Accelerate the discovery, development, and deployment of groundbreaking insights and therapies with the help of our nationwide network of diverse health systems that share de-identified data to fuel research. Our 100-plus members conduct high-volume clinical trial and outcomes research and have the opportunity to generate revenue through funded research studies.

Join the network to advance your clinical research

Join our network—regardless of your organization’s size, capabilities, or location—to help bring clinical research to your patients. We provide one of the largest real-world data sets and help members launch clinical trials. Our client-led governance council protects, oversees, and monitors data use to help ensure data privacy.

Membership benefits

  • Leverage a network of de-identified data.
  • Get guidance to help you activate trials, enroll patients, and remove obstacles.
  • Reduce the technical effort involved in data onboarding and cleansing.
  • Access peer research and share learnings with a network of participants.

Empowering research

Access our national de-identified real-world data set to conduct observational studies and post-market surveillance. Clinicians and researchers are empowered to query and interact with rich longitudinal data to produce impactful real-world evidence.

Key benefits of Real-World Data

  • Increase the generalizability and transportability of findings with the diversity of healthcare systems and patients
  • Expand the understanding of disease management including rare diseases
  • Generate hypotheses in health outcomes research including treatment efficacy and quality of care
  • Provide academic opportunities to healthcare professionals
  • Experience a secure, cloud-based data environment
  • Analyze data using a variety of programming languages

Explore the Oracle EHR real-world data publications

To revolutionize research, we must create opportunities to learn from each other. Explore Oracle EHR real-world data publications page—a repository featuring clients’ academic research aimed at addressing healthcare issues—and gain an understanding of the current healthcare research landscape.

Oracle EHR Real-World Data provides research-ready data related to 1.8B encounters from 100+ healthcare systems across the United States and includes information on diagnoses, medications, procedures, vaccinations, clinical results, and social determinants of health.


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    • How can my health system join the Oracle Learning Health Network?

      Your health system can join the Learning Health Network by following these steps:

      • Sign data agreements with Oracle.
      • Oracle will work with you to confirm the allowable data sources that can be shared with the LHN.
      • Oracle performs data onboarding, requiring low IT engagement from you.
      • Oracle performs HIPAA-compliant Safe Harbor de-identification during data onboarding, including “site anonymization,” which redacts information about your organization in the data.
      • You identify a research liaison for Oracle to notify about new research opportunities you can opt in to.
      • Oracle provides you with access to the Oracle EHR Real-World Data portal and basic training for your users so they can use national, de-identified data with Oracle-hosted tools inside Oracle’s firewall.
    • How is the data protected?

      Data is protected by a data governance council—with site and patient input—that oversees and monitors LHN data use and research.

      Oracle will never:

      • Move patient-level data (even de-identified data) beyond Oracle’s control without direct site consent
      • Link LHN data with marketing or non–clinically relevant data sets
      • Permit the use of identifiable data sets without direct patient consent
      • Reveal member organizations and specific localities without direct site consent
      • Reveal clinician data without direct site/clinician consent
      • Demand exclusivity
    • What are the core differentiators of the Learning Health Network?

      Oracle performs the data onboarding, which aims to reduce IT bottlenecks for you.

      The LHN is unique in that the goal is to create a network of diverse, nationwide organizations, including:

      • Community hospitals
      • Government agencies
      • Health authorities
      • Large integrated delivery networks

      While data sharing is inherent to the mission of the LHN, a key focus is on operationalizing research tools to support clinical studies and creating opportunities for members to participate in those studies. Study tools include:

      • Chart review
      • Data capture and quality
      • Patient adherence
      • Risk calculation

      The LHN is designed to be a continual data quality improvement loop, and it pushes cleansed data back into the network so members can leverage that data for research purposes. Enhancements to data cleansing and quality are accomplished through research studies that harvest additional data concepts or interpretations.

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