Value-based care

Enhance the quality of care and strengthen your market share. Enable a connected healthcare ecosystem, accelerate your value-based care (VBC) efforts, and improve clinician decision-making and the patient experience.

Value-based care solutions

Identify acute or chronic conditions by optimizing risk adjustment scores

Identify previously recorded diagnoses

Identify previously recorded diagnoses, including ones that are not documented for the current calendar year.

Target patient follow-ups

Stratify individuals with undocumented hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) and no scheduled appointments.

Validate and substantiate claim payments

Visualize analytic insights, such as yearly HCC trends, and filter by provider, practitioner, payer, and clinic.

Discover and document suspected conditions

Surface valuable insights, such as suspected conditions, and supporting and competing clinical facts.

Build or enhance bundled payment programs

Scale operations, address care efficiency, support quality outcomes, and manage costs across commercial and government bundled payments for care improvement arrangements, with Oracle Health Bundled Payment Opportunity Assessment and Oracle Health Bundled Payments Analytics offerings.

Manage costs

Potentially decrease healthcare spend—payer and provider organizations have reported healthcare cost savings while in bundled payment arrangements.

Produce quality outcomes

Scale bundled payment operations to better manage episodes of care across the care continuum.

Turn data into insights

Drill into claims activity, practice pattern variance, clinical quality indicators, and related factors that assist in determining episodes for bundled payments.

Equip users with relevant cost and utilization content

Identify out-of-network utilization

Use payer, provider, location, and diagnosis data to identify out-of-network utilization.

Identify and measure practitioner performance

Identify and measure high- and low-performing providers within and across specialties and provider groups.

Identify avoidable admissions

Pinpoint potentially avoidable readmissions, admissions, complications, ancillary services, and emergency department (ED) visits.

Proactively address care gaps and measure quality performance for patient populations

Attribute patients to the right populations

Attribute population to the organization, clinician, and person level.

Include patients in appropriate registries

Identify a person’s condition based on their data and include them in the appropriate registry. For example, you can include in the diabetic or hypertensive registry based on the person’s health and care data.

Identify gaps in care

Determine if a person received the care they needed. For example, you could find out if a diabetic patient had a foot exam or an A1C test.

Measure outcomes

Examine how a person’s care is handled. For example, find out how a patient’s A1C is being managed.

Monitor care needs for individuals and groups

Discover what the clinician should focus on for a specific individual or population.

Connect the care team and patient from anywhere

Monitor care from anywhere

With Oracle Health Remote Patient Monitoring capabilities, extend care beyond the four walls of a health organization and actively monitor vital health data, turning the patient-clinician relationship into a care partnership.

Bring your own device

Provide patients the ability to utilize their current home-use, Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect to their clinician’s remote patient monitoring program. Their data will be embedded into the clinical workflow triggering alerts and notifications in near real-time.

Early outreach and proactive intervention

Health data is delivered directly into clinical workflows and provides systematic alerting, enabling practitioners to engage in proactive outreach and make potentially lifesaving interventions.

Care management solution and candidate identification

Identify individuals in need of community care management services using identification intelligence with Oracle Health Care Management. Add meaningful information to a care plan, offer relevant educational opportunities, and schedule additional services.

Streamline care transitions and data integration

Use one system to help the patient receive the right care, at the right place, and at the right time. Leverage a single, living source of truth for patient healthcare data from multiple data sources.

The [Oracle Health Diagnosis Insights] advisor is invaluable; having the problem list flag the HCC codes in a visual way was beneficial for our team. We would update problem lists, and then the system would flag HCCs needing coded. That’s worked well especially for diabetes.

Steven Aguilar, MD Medical Director for Primary Care, Genesis ACO

The Oracle Health difference

Accelerate your valued-based care efforts, streamline operations, increase patient and practitioner satisfaction, and improve financial outcomes. Oracle has more than four decades of experience connecting healthcare ecosystems. Together, we can support a more sustainable, health-first model.

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