Lights On Network

Maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization with Lights On Network, free enterprise-level data analytics. Deliver an enhanced experience for your clinicians, drive results for your organization, and facilitate an efficient system to support it all.

Key benefits of Lights On Network

Clinician experience

Most of a clinician’s time should be spent on direct patient care, not on a computer. Lights On Network helps reduce electronic health record (EHR) burnout by proactively identifying clinicians who need assistance with adoption, efficiency, or workload. Improve EHR workflows through targeted, data-driven interventions, giving clinicians more time to focus on patients.

Reliability and maintenance

Strengthen your EHR’s foundation with Lights On Network by identifying performance abnormalities, locating code installation opportunities, and aligning to prescriptive recommendations for advancement. Understand the latest innovations, meet clinician needs, identify system bottlenecks, and review the solution configuration and usage.

Health system performance measurement

With health system performance measurement, target the right opportunity at the right time for your organization. Use Lights On Network to monitor and trend your clinical, operational and financial key performance indicators so you can maximize the value of your EHR and improve marketplace competitiveness.

A really exciting process that we've worked through lately is utilizing Lights On to provide us data about how our nurses are utilizing our system and documentation.

Linda Gravel Vice President, Patient Services & Chief Nursing Officer, Cornwall Community Hospital

Features and capabilities of Lights On Network

Lights On Network provides deep and broad analytical data to help you objectively understand and visualize opportunities to improve the clinician and get the most out of your EHR investment.

  • Collaboration

    Create a strategic scorecard, set custom goals and publish broadly to everyone at your organization to foster transparency and joint accountability for achieving outcomes.

  • Peer comparisons

    Add context to your data analysis with access to local and national benchmarking from other Oracle customers around the globe.

  • Dimensionality

    Access several dimensions of data, such as facility, venue of care, role, specialty, and time, to provide the right information at the right level.

  • Close monitoring

    Analyze, act, and resolve problems before they become large scale with the help of near real-time views for your infrastructure, applications, and network.

  • Staying connected

    Leverage alerts and email capabilities to stay connected with your data while on the go in a fast-paced environment.

  • Customizable features

    Use customizable features to make the data work for you—for example, save your favorite reports, add personalized targets, and set automatic notifications.

  • Accessible from anywhere

    Securely connect to your data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone using a flexible web-based application.

Lights On Network FAQs

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    • What are the benefits of using Lights On Network?

      Organizations that use Lights On Network have faster response times, higher alignment with Model Experience, and better alignment with system best practices.

    • What type of information does Lights On Network have?

      Lights On Network is a one-stop-shop to access and action system reliability, solution configuration, caregiver adoption and efficiency, and organizational outcomes.

    • Who has access to Lights On Network data?

      You fully control who in your organization can access the solution, with no limits on the number of people with access. Recommended roles include c-suite, information technology, informatics, and department leaders.

    • What training is offered with the solution?

      Free trainings options are available, including user guides, instructional videos, and a web-based training course to help you get started.

      We also have a four-day, instructor-led workshop for a comprehensive deep-dive and personalized analytics education offerings to help identify and solve for business problems using your data. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

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Maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization with Lights On Network enterprise-level data analytics.

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