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Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud Customer Awards
Oracle HCM
Cloud Rubies

Recognizing the contributions of Human Resources professionals.

Congratulations to our 2018 Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award winners!

Happily Ever After Award

Recognizes businesses that relied on Oracle HCM Cloud during a major merger or acquisition.

NSF International—Wayne Overla, HRIS Manager / Lakshmi Akkena, Senior Oracle Applications Developer
Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products, and environment. NSF continues to grow and offer these services by way of acquisitions. It defines a successful acquisition as one that provides a seamless integration of the disparate workforce. NSF augmented support and removed the hassle of long email chains and approval workflows globally by leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud’s easy-to-use interface, which has also set a foundation for future integration with other systems for NSF.

Since the Oracle HCM Cloud project inception, NSF has acquired businesses in two additional countries, moving the country count from 26 to 28, and growing. The transition to Oracle HCM Cloud is just one step of the journey to enhance its technology, grow, retain the best talent, provide complete workforce insights, and increase the efficiency of NSF’s people processes to provide a “happily ever after” ending.

Talent Show Award

Recognizes teams that leverage Oracle HCM Cloud’s recommended jobs and workforce visibility features to drive internal mobility, retention and development.

Cummins—Mike Whitesell, HRIS Manager, Global L&D Technologies
Simply having talent in your organization is not enough—but being able to effectively nurture your talent and identify your superstars just might be. 2017 was a foundational year for integrated talent management at Cummins, as it saw the implementation of a new competency assessment and management process. Past engagement surveys underscored the importance of development opportunities for employees, and the legacy competency management system had been decommissioned four years prior, so a new competency management process and system had been long and anxiously awaited. Through creative use of the performance management module of Oracle HCM Cloud, a competency assessment document was designed to walk each employee through a self-assessment in which they would review the competencies and required proficiency that were mapped to their model profile, add any competencies that they felt were relevant to their specific role, select the proficiency they felt they held for each, and then submit the document to their manager. The manager, in turn, reviewed and considered each proficiency selection by the employee and then selected the proficiency that he or she felt best described the employee’s level of competence.

Cummins employees now had an actual measurement of the gaps and strengths for the competencies required for the positions they held, and could create development goals in the career development module directly correlated to the competency gaps validated by their managers. This new competency assessment and management process provided a real and meaningful start to an individual development plan tailored to specific needs and roles. From the organization’s perspective, functions finally had the ability to fill critical roles in the businesses based on real-time, accurate, and complete data.

In addition, Cummins leadership is now looking intently at the gaps and strengths identified for the competencies most closely correlated to critical business initiatives and is making informed and strategic decisions about where to invest time and money on development activities and opportunities. It is worth emphasizing that the delivery of powerful embedded analytics from Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence combined with talent management process automation has been the hallmark of Cummins’ HR transformation. Real-time access to the outcomes of the competency assessment allowed the HR leadership team to quickly take action and deploy targeted learning and change management initiatives to build the organizational capability needed to effectively support the ongoing HR transformation program—all in just a matter of days, which was unprecedented.

Mike Whitesell’s role as HRIS project manager was to make sure that all these processes and responsibilities moved forward in unison as the company moved the solution through design sessions, configurations, approvals, testing, launch, and production support phases. The competency assessment set the stage for talent management transformation and provided instant insights into gaps. In just days, Cummins had key inputs for the transformation of its performance and merit processes as it turned its focus to training and preparing its HR function to roll out the new processes and system solutions companywide.

Overall, the competency process rollout was smooth and had a pilot adoption rate of more than 95 percent. Moving the project across the goal line truly was a team effort that required close partnership with several groups, including line HR, talent management, HR functional excellence, compensation and benefits, and the IT team.

It’s All in the Numbers Award

Recognizes an organization that is using Oracle HCM Cloud analytics to improve talent management and retention.

Cummins—Fabio Fukuda, HRIS Director, Global Integrated Talent Management
This 2017 Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies award-winner is nominated again this year by Deloitte Consulting for its continued pioneering efforts in utilizing Oracle HCM Cloud analytics. Since 2015, Cummins has been on a journey to transform HR by enabling integrated talent management in Oracle HCM Cloud, and with more than 55,000 employees worldwide it is driving an impressive user adoption rate of more than 95 percent year-over-year.

In addition, the delivery of powerful embedded analytics using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence combined with talent management process automation has been the hallmark of its HR transformation. Fast forward to earlier this year, the Cummins HRIS and BI team designed Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence dashboards to deliver analytics that enabled senior HR leaders across Cummins to monitor progress in real time. As any seasoned pioneer would do, Cummins continued to break new ground by leveraging Deloitte Analytics Object (DAO), powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

Fabio Fukuda played a key role in this project and delivered on the opportunity to serve the Cummins HR leadership team with much needed integrated analytics on a near real-time basis. He very quickly identified the right use cases that could be deployed to demonstrate the value of integrated analytics without “boiling the ocean.” Being with Cummins for more than 11 years, he knew that most of the Cummins HR leaders would appreciate the insights that are available intuitively and can be sliced and diced easily. So he ensured that a set of dashboards were designed and organized to make it suitable for the executive HR audience. The Cummins HRIS and BI team implemented a one-stop shop for all workforce analytics needs, which enabled:

  • A 100 percent elimination of inconsistencies in analysis and insights delivered to the HR leadership team
  • A solid foundation to enable prediction of unknowns pertaining to attrition, top performance, competency, and availability of the workforce
  • All workforce analytics to be available 24/7 through a custom interface with a 60-inch touch screen smart TV installed in the office of the CHRO

The grand success of this initiative wouldn’t have been possible without the close collaboration, teamwork, sponsorship, and commitment of Cummins HR Leadership team.

Time Is On My Side Award

Recognizes organizations that use Oracle HCM Cloud to dramatically reduce their time to hire.

Emerson—Jim Rhodes, Vice President, Human Resources Information Systems
Emerson, a global leader in technology and engineering, was transforming its business to deliver even more value to customers. Pivotal to its organizational transformation was making key strategic acquisitions. Jim Rhodes, vice president of human resources information systems, led the worldwide deployment of Oracle HCM Cloud to replace existing on-premises solutions in support of Emerson’s evolving business model. Rhodes undertook a phased implementation, rolling out core HR and benefits modules to more than 7,500 acquired employees across 44 countries in only five months. Thanks to Rhodes’ strong leadership and team communication, the project finished on time with acquired employee data in the system prior to open enrollment. Rhodes and his team achieved this milestone despite several concurrent projects and competing staff demands. The implementation’s success supports Emerson’s business goals of better, faster decision-making through analytical insight and streamlined processes—and provides the foundation for continued Oracle HCM Cloud expansion in 2018 that includes the payroll module and 30,000 additional users.

Express Lane Award

Recognizes companies that have started to reap the rewards of Oracle HCM Cloud in the shortest time possible.

PTC, Inc.—Kathy Cullen Cote, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources
As CVP, Human Resources of the fast-growing technology company PTC, Inc., Kathy Cullen-Cote knows about the transformative power of the cloud. To provide strategic direction, she devised a long-term plan called "Brains & Passion" to transform the way HR serves its constituents for twenty-first century digital operations. In order for PTC to attract, grow, and retain its top talent, Kathy knew that a modern system was essential.

For the Oracle HCM Cloud implementation, Cullen-Cote was instrumental in providing the sustained leadership needed to achieve the fastest cloud adoption PTC has ever seen in the compensation module. Within days, after three 30-minute training sessions and a one-page FAQ, more than 80 percent of managers could log in to the Oracle Cloud system and finalize their compensation plans. PTC’s Brains & Passion initiative has been applied to all HR processes related to talent.

Dynamic Duo Award

Recognizes teams who have experienced exceptional results using a combination of the different Oracle Cloud solutions together.

Caesars Entertainment—Mike O'Brien, Vice President of HR
Change is difficult in any organization, but for a company of the size and complexity of Caesars Entertainment, it can be daunting. Thankfully VP of HR Mike O’Brien recognized Oracle HCM Cloud as a way to transform Caesars’ HR operations and to closely align with Finance and Accounting departments to make Caesars a more streamlined organization. The fourth-largest gaming and entertainment company in the world was able to marry its new Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud applications with its on-premises Oracle Hyperion solutions. This included Oracle HCM Cloud modules for recruiting and onboarding, learning, talent management, and compensation. The company also chose Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, Oracle ERP Cloud modules for general ledger and accounts payable, and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Essbase.

In the gaming industry, competitive advantage is paramount. With 70,000 employees across 50 locations, integrated HR and finance functions play a critical role in developing strategies that will set Caesars apart from its challengers and provide the best experience for its employees and customers. By standardizing on Oracle Cloud, resources are better aligned and Caesars can build in process efficiencies along the way. Critical to the success of this project was O’Brien’s ongoing collaboration with the accounting, finance, and IT leadership, including the CFO, CIO, and CAO.

Keep it in the Family Award

Recognizes teams that use Oracle HCM Cloud to retain the very best talent.

Dubai Airports—Chandra Gour, Head of Manpower Planning & HRD System
Dubai Airports recently announced a US$32 billion expansion to build the world’s biggest airport that will serve as a global gateway for an expected 200 million passengers annually by the end of the next decade. These plans, in which recruitment is a strategic part, have fueled the launch of DA’s mobile-responsive career portal. Designed to attract top talent, it is the central hub for all hiring needs. With passenger traffic increasing by 15 per cent year-on-year at Dubai International, a scalable talent solution that can handle both current and future talent requirements was vital.

As a part of the Dubai Government’s digital transformation, Dubai Airports decided to move from a shared service on premise environment to its own cloud environment. The goal of the project was to give the 3000 employees of Dubai Airports cutting edge employee engagement tools – all on mobile devices. Dubai Airports has rolled out Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to take care of all employee processes – core HR, absences, self-service, talent management, payroll, recruiting, and onboarding in addition to their company specific processes. They used the social sourcing capabilities to tap in to their community’s social networks to acquire new talent. All of these have been enabled on mobile leveraging Oracle Cloud capabilities. They are expanding the footprint to take additional advantage of other innovative capabilities that we provide.

Prior to the recruitment platform, DA’s hiring was done traditionally. Now the entire process is seamless, online and mobile – from the application, to scheduling interviews and onboarding new hires. Dubai Airports recognizes that today smart phones, tablets and social media are a way of life for candidates. They are always connected and mobile. As an innovative employer of choice, they felt it was essential to have a fully mobile responsive career site so anyone, anywhere can apply from any platform or device and have a great user experience. They see top candidates like passengers. They expect a smooth journey. That is why they put so much thought and resources into the design and technology behind their talent acquisition process.

We Are Family Award

Recognizes teams that use Oracle HCM Cloud to retain the very best talent.

Creighton University—Molly Billings, Senior Director, Human Resources
Founded in 1878, Creighton University is one of the largest Jesuit colleges and universities in the US. More than 8,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students go to Creighton each year to find their place in the world through lives of leadership and service. Partnering with Baker Tilly, Creighton University implemented the Oracle HCM Cloud’s talent management module and Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to replace its existing talent systems and to enhance HR processes. Prior to Oracle HCM Cloud, Creighton University used disparate HR systems to keep track of employee and talent data, manage the goal-setting and performance review processes, and hire talent. Talent review and succession planning had been completed and managed manually offline. Through the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud, Creighton University was able to roll out goal management, performance reviews, talent profile, talent review, and succession planning in order to leverage a single platform to store employee talent data. HR leaders now have a real-time, comprehensive view of the university’s employees and are able to use reporting and analytics to help drive organizational strategy.

The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud implementation afforded the team an opportunity to weave the mission and values of the university throughout all portions of the recruiting process. New hires understand the unique value proposition that Creighton University has to offer before even stepping foot on campus. As part of the Oracle HCM Cloud implementation, Creighton has streamlined and modernized its HR processes and implemented an integrated talent management platform (goal management, performance review, career development, talent profile, talent review, succession planning) to allow the university to better attract and retain top talent. This also helps give HR leaders more time to focus on strategic issues and value-adding activities and spend less time on administration.

The Creighton team utilized resources from across the organization to drive the project’s successful implementation. The HR generalist team, faculty advisory council, and IT group served as the strongest advocates for change throughout the transformation. A change management team was established to manage the change activities throughout the implementation. Creighton University is a forward-thinking organization with a highly effective and collaborative team of professionals and leaders who are committed to success and excellence. They push the boundaries on innovation, pursue new knowledge for the betterment of society, and seek to improve the world through their values.