Wavetronix improves the order-to-cash process with Oracle Cloud SCM

The global traffic technology manufacturer uses Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics to bring visibility to its supply chain and gain advanced insights.


Oracle has made it possible to integrate all our data from different sources, and to be able to create, track, and manage key metrics and make better plans for the future. We look forward to working with Oracle for years to come.

Steve HarrisDirector of Business Intelligence, Wavetronix

Business challenges

Wavetronix is a leading manufacturer of traffic technologies around the globe. The company’s advanced radar provides unrivaled performance to make transportation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

A major focus for Wavetronix is ensuring that its supply chain is being managed efficiently, which requires having insight into the business at a moment’s notice. With data spread across multiple sources, it was difficult to compile data and make sense of it quickly. Additionally, the company’s radar products can include hundreds of components, some of which require very long lead times, causing a lot of complexity in managing orders and inventory. If a single piece is missing, the entire order can be delayed.

There was also a lack of visibility and no single source of truth to gain fast insights along the supply chain process. Multiple teams had conflicting spreadsheets trying to make sense of all the data being collected, which resulted in added days of scrubbing, cleaning, and formatting to get the necessary information.

Executives were looking for better insights into the order-to-cash process to reduce bookings, backlogs, and other shipping-related bottlenecks. The goal was to gain greater visibility into the business while scaling to meet customer demands on large infrastructure projects around the world.

The Oracle platform is incredibly powerful. It has everything we need, and we’ve been very pleased with what we’re able to do with it.

Danny CobbleyCorporate Controller, Wavetronix

Why Wavetronix chose Oracle

Wavetronix went live with Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) knowing it was the ideal solution to help the company stay ahead of the constant change in the world of supply chain. Keen to gain deeper insights into supply chain data, the initial plan was to build a custom data warehouse solution in-house. That was until the company became aware of Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics, and from there it was an easy choice.

Being able to snap Fusion Analytics on top of the existing Oracle Cloud SCM made a lot of sense for Wavetronix. No maintenance was needed to fix broken connections, while keeping everything in one environment made things incredibly easy. The cost savings was an added plus.

The company saw a lot of value in the prebuilt KPIs coupled with the prebuilt data warehouse and data pipelines. The ability to gather data from systems across the business into a single source of truth and then quickly gain executive insights from that data was key. The Oracle team also exceeded expectations, staying fully engaged and helping the Wavetronix team quickly get up to speed with the new platform.


Since implementing Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics, Wavetronix consolidated systems and gained much greater visibility into its business and supply chain. The days spent combing through data, cleaning it, and checking for accuracy are over. The time spent maintaining the data previously can now be redirected to more strategic activities.

Without needing to rely on multiple separate spreadsheets, the company now has the access, control, and security it needs to provide executives with key insights about the business. By tapping the cross-functional capabilities of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, the company can now manage data across other systems like Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), connecting the dots throughout the entire business.

Oracle Fusion Analytics’ powerful integration with Wavetronix’s CRM allows the company to have greater visibility into the sales funnel. With this knowledge, the company exceeded expectations for time between receipt, assembly, testing, and shipping and can now stay ahead of changes in demand.

Sales leaders and executives also found Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics to be beneficial. They’re able to break down what kind of sales are happening at the granular state level, and then roll that up into territories across the organization. This ability to tie sales metrics to specific products and regions further streamlines the supply chain and growth of the business.

Additionally, Wavetronix uncovered additional cost savings by becoming more efficient. Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics has shown a compelling total cost of ownership advantage over the initial in-house approach the company originally planned.

With such positive results thus far, Wavetronix is eager to create more efficiency in its supply chain with the help of Oracle.

Published:December 23, 2022

About the customer

Founded in 2000, Wavetronix creates innovative tools that help improve traffic and raise the standard of excellence in vehicle detection around the world.