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Contattaci Registrati su Oracle Cloud

AI Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI Services is a collection of services with prebuilt machine learning models that make it easier for developers to apply AI to applications and business operations. The models can be custom-trained for more accurate business results. Teams within an organization can reuse the models, datasets, and data labels across services. OCI AI Services makes it possible for developers to easily add machine learning to apps without slowing down application development.

How to Use AI Vision and Drones for Inventory Management

Learn how IT professionals can apply AI Services to inventory management, which enables automation of business workflows.

AI Services

Faster time to detection and resolution

OCI Anomaly Detection is an AI service with prebuilt, business-specific anomaly detection models that flag critical incidents, resulting in faster time to detection and resolution. Specialized APIs and automated model selection make it easy for developers to train and deploy anomaly detection models to applications and operations, all without data science expertise.

Prebuilt, conversational chatbots

Oracle Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt templates or ready-to-deploy chatbots to create conversational experiences for business applications through text, chat, and voice. Develop quickly with visual tools, supervised self-learning, and built-in bot analytics.

Text analysis at scale

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Language is a new AI service for running sophisticated text analysis at scale. With built-in pretrained models, developers don’t need machine learning expertise to build sentiment analysis, key-phrase extraction, text classification, named entity recognition, and more into their applications.

Image recognition

OCI Vision is an AI service that gives developers prebuilt models and fully managed model infrastructure. Its models are pretrained for image recognition tasks and the service provides visual and textual features to enable searchable PDFs, document language detection, and document classification—all without creating a deep learning pipeline.

Real-time speech recognition

OCI Speech is an AI service that provides real-time speech recognition through prebuilt models trained on thousands of native and non-native speakers for real-time speech recognition. Easily and accurately transcribe streaming or recorded spoken audio.

Casi d'uso di AI

Visualizza tutte le architetture di riferimento
Diagramma dell'architettura di riferimento del rilevamento delle anomalie
Rilevamento delle anomalie per gestire gli asset e la manutenzione predittiva

Utilizza la funzione di rilevamento delle anomalie OCI per garantire il funzionamento ottimale degli asset, evitando i costi in eccesso e riducendo al minimo le interruzioni operative nella produzione intelligente.

Architettura di riferimento di Digital Assistant
Gestisci le attività degli utenti senza intervento umano

Migliora la soddisfazione dei clienti e riduci i costi per fornire supporto basato su chat con gli skill bot di Oracle Digital Assistant.

CPFL Energia logo

CPFL Energia uses Oracle Digital Assistant, OCI Language, and Oracle Service Cloud to provide customer service in Brazilian Portuguese. They support customer self-service interactions like outage reporting, notifications, and billing by integrating their customer care and billing systems with Oracle for a more efficient human agent handoff.

Benefits of AI Services

  • Out-of-the-box AI

    Develop applications faster with prebuilt models that can be used with and deployed to business apps.

  • Customized to business

    Train models on the organization’s SaaS application data. Models that understand business context deliver more accurate results.

  • Patented algorithms

    Specialized algorithms built over 20 years of data science have been proven in many safety-critical industries.

  • Rigorous security and access control

    Expect enterprise-grade AI, architected for security and tested in critical sectors including government, finance, and nuclear energy.

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Faster time to detection and resolution

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Text analysis at scale

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Prebuilt, conversational chatbots

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