Crédito Real improves banking experiences with Oracle solutions

Crédito Real used Oracle Licensing to make smarter buying decisions and offer a superior experience to banking customers.

We rely on Oracle solutions to support our core banking processes; their software auditing process was easy, well-performed, professional, and transparent. We learned a lot about Oracle licensing and will use that knowledge to make better purchasing decisions in the future.

Eduardo Aguilar SánchezSenior Technology Director, Crédito Real


A leading financial institution in Mexico, Crédito Real focuses on providing financial solutions to medium- and low-income consumers who haven’t historically been well-served by traditional banks in Central and North America. The firm serves customers through a growing set of distributors and is continually creating new alliances to build its portfolio and extend its reach to customers.

Crédito Real wanted to simplify compliance with software licensing terms to identify and authorize the way the company was using Oracle solutions. Also, it needed to keep track of multiple Oracle products, some of which have similar names, to remain in compliance with licensing requirements.

In addition, the firm wanted to make better decisions about which Oracle solutions were the strongest choices to support specific business needs.

Why Crédito Real chose Oracle

Crédito Real depends on several Oracle solutions to power its data center operations, including Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking, Oracle WebCenter Content, and Oracle Database. Running multiple Oracle solutions can be complex, so the company welcomed the opportunity to work with Oracle License Management Services to understand how Crédito Real was using Oracle’s solutions and where those solutions fit best into their business.


Oracle License Management Services helped give Crédito Real insights into how to evaluate new Oracle sales proposals, ask more-informed licensing questions, and make smarter purchasing decisions. The firm gained the knowledge needed to compare Oracle proposals and compare on-premise and cloud solutions so that they can make better choices. In addition, they acquired more knowledge about Oracle license policies to avoid the risk of falling out of compliance. As a result of this experience, Crédito Real has the knowledge needed to choose the correct number of CPU licenses to support acquisitions.

公開日:July 27, 2020