Oracle SPARC M7-8 Server

Resilient, Scalable, Secure

Designed for maximum uptime, Oracle’s SPARC M7-8 Server is coengineered with Oracle software and delivers the highest performance in mission-critical infrastructures while reducing the risks of deploying enterprise workloads.

  • Oracle's SPARC M7-8 Server front left view

    Redundancy of key components for maximum uptime.

  • Oracle's SPARC M7-8 Server front face view

    Extreme acceleration of Oracle Database and Java applications.

  • Oracle's SPARC M7-8 Server front right view

    Breakthrough performance for better value and efficiency.

SPARC M7-8 overview

Ideal for Mission-Critical Workloads

  • Redundancy of all major components and physical partitioning provide exceptional uptime and simplified deployment
  • Coengineering and integration of hardware and software reduce risks in deploying Oracle Database and enterprise applications
  • SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris provide the easiest, most cost-effective migration path from IBM Power and AIX
  • Silicon accelerators for data analytics and encryption, and the fastest performance per processor, offer unmatched efficiency
  • Security in silicon, Oracle Solaris, and virtualization reduce complexity in securing data and business-critical workloads
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