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Law Enforcement Agencies Select Oracle to Help Protect their People and Communities

Agencies select Oracle Local Governments’ unified public safety hardware and software suite to improve efficiency and real-time situational awareness

International Association of Chiefs of Police, San Diego, CAOctober 15, 2023

US Public safety organizations continue to select to Oracle as they look to modernize their technology systems and infrastructure to better protect and serve and their communities. Most recently, several departments in California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas have chosen Oracle’s unified public safety hardware and software suite to help improve efficiency and enhance real time situational awareness that can help improve safety and enable more effective issue resolution.

See these solutions in action at IACP October 14-17, Booth 4339.

The Oracle Public Safety Services platform for law enforcement and first responders is designed to remove data silos, eliminate manual busy work, and empower first responders with real-time information to help them make more objective decisions. The suite includes dispatch command center, law enforcement records, and jail management software, as well as body worn devices and real-time video communication tools.

“Most law enforcement agencies today are missing the intelligent data systems that have become prevalent in almost every other industry,” said Steve Seoane, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Local Government. “Over the past few years, Oracle has been on a mission to completely change this market by taking our decades of investment in cloud technology, data management, communications technology, and AI to bring first responders the tools they deserve to make more informed decisions that foster both accountability and safer incident resolutions. The response has been tremendous and we are proud to be working with customers to get these solutions out in the field and in the hands of their workforce.”

The Oracle Public Safety Services Suite was created in collaboration with first responders and leading law enforcement technology experts. Built on the performance and scalability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the suite is CJIS1 compliant and enables agencies of all sizes to get up and running quickly to help lower costs and complexity while enhancing security. The suite includes:

  • Dispatch Command Center: A cloud-based computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system for emergency call management and dispatch.
  • Wearable Computer Devices:  Officer-worn communications and camera systems that can activate automatically upon dispatch and record interactions between law enforcement and community members to support transparency, trust, and accountability.
  • Personal Communications System: A mobile application that runs on a secure mobile device and facilitates dispatch and field-based interactions between first responders.
  • Vehicle Communications: A new touch-talk-listen tablet application redefines the in-car experience by providing officers more focused, actionable data ‘at-a-glance’.
  • Vehicle Video Cameras: A roof-mounted video camera bar with a front and peripheral view camera array, a dedicated automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera, as well as an in-vehicle computer to process video streaming and recording.
  • Records Management: A records management system designed to manage all public safety records for an agency, including entry, storage, retrieval, viewing, and archiving of crime reports, property and evidence, and investigative data.
  • Jail Management: A cloud-based jail and holding-facility management system designed to eliminate data re-entry and enable more efficient, secure processes from pre-booking to transfer or release.

To help agencies run more efficiently, Oracle also recently announced NetSuite for Government. Specifically designed for the needs of small-to-midsize state and local government agencies, the offering provides a single, integrated suite for streamlined accounting, grants management, payroll, GASB reporting, planning and budgeting, human resource management, and more. Learn more about the ERP for Government solution here.

1 FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services

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