Making your green ambitions a reality

There is no opportunity with greater promise than sustainability.

Chances are, you’ve already set goals to transform your business for the better. With the power of Accenture’s deep expertise and Oracle’s innovative cloud technology, you can take it to the next level by building sustainable choices into the core of your business.

Accenture was proud to be the 2023 Oracle CloudWorld Sustainability Partner

Turn your sustainability goals into measurable, impactful action

Low-carbon energy transition

Accenture uses its proprietary carbon intelligence network to leverage technology to help you transition to net-zero, decarbonize fossil fuels, and achieve greater efficiency.

Building a circular economy

Accenture’s AI and machine learning algorithms are more efficient and proactive in developing material requirements early in the lifecycle, protecting your supply chain against potential disruptions.

An ESG agenda beyond the environment

With comprehensive ESG measurement, data insights, and reporting readiness, Accenture helps you deliver on emerging global reporting standards and empowers you with data-driven ESG decisions.

Attainability: Make real movement on your sustainability goals

Just as the digital revolution forever transformed how we live and work, sustainability touches everything we do. Now you can make your green ambitions a reality and turn your goals into measurable, impactful action with the power of Accenture and Oracle together.

Human ingenuity and powerful technology

Why Oracle + Accenture?

Every business must become a sustainable business. With our strategic partnership, Accenture can leverage innovative Oracle platforms to shape strategy, develop solutions, and provide decision-ready data to help you reinvent your business with a sustainable impact.

How sustainable is your organization?

When technology meets human ingenuity, you can create data-driven business value and sustainable impact—across every area of your business.

Take the Accenture Sustainability Readiness Assessment to gain insight about your strengths, gaps, and opportunities as you start your sustainability journey. You’ll receive an instant scorecard that measures how well you’re performing in key areas.

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