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Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a cloud document database service that makes it simple to develop JSON-centric applications. It features simple document APIs, serverless scaling, high performance ACID transactions, comprehensive security, and low pay-per-use pricing. Autonomous JSON Database automates provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of databases, eliminating database management and delivering 99.995% availability.

Get started with Oracle Autonomous JSON Database for free

Develop JSON-centric applications faster with document APIs combined with added simplicity of autonomous cloud management.

Announcing Autonomous JSON Database

Watch Oracle EVP, Systems Technology, Juan Loaiza unveil the new Autonomous JSON Database service.

Why Oracle Autonomous JSON Database?

Simple document APIs

Open-source document APIs enable developers to create JSON-centric applications in minutes without worrying about data models instead of writing complex code that takes hours.

Choice of APIs, language, and tools

Integration with popular programming languages and the flexibility of REST API, CLI, and web interface access simplify application development.

Large Native JSON files

Supports binary JSON file sizes of up to 32MB, twice the size of MongoDB Atlas.

Indexing without limitation

Provides no limitation on index key lengths or number of indexes per collection and enables full document indexing.

Full SQL support

Enables developers to analyze JSON data with all the power of Oracle SQL, including cross-collection queries, parallel scalability, and advanced analytic functions.

1-click conversion to multi-model database

Single-click transformation of an Autonomous JSON Database to an Autonomous Transaction Processing database adds relational data capabilities with no downtime.

No-code/Low-code development

Built-in Oracle APEX, a low code application development platform enables developers to rapidly build JSON-centric applications with 98% less code.


Deploys fault-tolerant and highly available databases in minutes.


Scales compute resources automatically without any downtime to meet performance requirements and lower costs with pay-per-use pricing.


Configures and tunes databases automatically even as data and schema change over time. The memory configuration, data formats, indexes, and access structures are automatically optimized to improve performance.

Automated backups

Performs weekly full and daily incremental backups of the database in Oracle’s object storage and retains them for up to 60 days to restore and recover to any point in time.


Fixes hardware and software faults by continuously monitoring and predicting failures. Requests are immediately redirected to healthy devices maintaining database performance.


Eliminates site downtime by maintaining a real-time remote copy of a production database and automatically switching from primary to remote copy using Autonomous Data Guard.

Transaction consistency

ACID transactions and read consistency on multi-document transactions ensures consistency without degrading performance.

Native JSON format

A new native binary JSON format increases performance with fast linear scans and partial updates while offering 2x the document size as compared to MongoDB

Always-on encryption

Automatic encryption of the entire database and backups with customer-created and owned encryption keys protects at-rest and in-motion data.

Automated patching

Database patches and upgrades are automatically applied without interrupting database operations to maximize security for crucial customer data.

Security of sensitive data

Oracle Data Safe, included with Autonomous JSON Database, makes it easy to discover sensitive data, evaluate security risks, mask sensitive data, and implement and monitor security controls.


Automated 3X scaling of compute resources without downtime combined with per-second billing creates a pay-per-use pricing model.

75% lower price

Autonomous JSON Database is priced at less than 25% of Oracle’s full-fledged Autonomous Transaction Processing Database to reduce costs in dedicated customer environments.

Low cost

30% lower pricing than comparable MongoDB Atlas service for the same memory, CPU and storage reduces customer cost.

With Oracle Autonomous JSON Database service the administrative and operational aspect of JSON-based next gen Apps is taken care of, and the result is both a better developer experience and higher developer velocity.

Holger Mueller VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation

The JSON service provides a better integrated alternative to MongoDB or AWS DocumentDB for Oracle-based developers.

David Floyer Chief Technology Officer, Wikibon

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database use cases

  • Mobile applications

    Build rich, immersive experiences for mobile apps.

  • Applications with dynamic personalized experiences

    Deliver engaging personalized customer experiences and provide real-time recommendations on multiple digital properties.

  • Content and catalog management

    Develop content management and product catalog services that handle a wide variety of attributes and metadata.

  • Integrated IoT applications

    Create integrated applications for clickstream, monitoring, logging, and sensor systems to process billions of inserts and retrievals a second, generating new insights without compromising data accuracy.

  • Digital payment applications

    Build payment processing services with a consistent view of data and data integrity without impacting application performance.

use cases


Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Unit Price
Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

OCPU per hour
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing - Exadata Storage

Terabyte storage capacity per month
August 13, 2020

Introducing Oracle Autonomous JSON Database for application developers

Beda Hammerschmidt, Senior Architect, Oracle. co/author of the SQL/JSON standard

Fantastic news for developers! Today, Oracle announced the availability of Autonomous JSON Database—a new cloud service built for developers who are looking for an easy to use, cost-effective JSON database with simple NoSQL API's. Autonomous JSON Database provides all the core capabilities of MongoDB along with high performance, simple elasticity, full ACID support and complete SQL functionality.

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Autonomous JSON Database documentation

Product documentation and help center to deploy and use Autonomous JSON database service for shared and dedicated infrastructure.

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Autonomous JSON Database tutorials

Learn how to use JSON with hands-on workshops to explain key capabilities.

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