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Deliver better health insights and human-centric experiences for patients, providers, payers, and the public. Oracle Health offers the most secure and reliable healthcare solutions, which connect clinical, operational, and financial data to improve care and advance decision-making around health and well-being.

Creating human-centric health experiences.

Advancing how healthcare happens across the ecosystem


Access patient information and insights to enhance care delivery, elevate the patient experience, and improve provider satisfaction.


Unlock new data to simplify member experiences, increase transparency, and enhance collaboration.

Public health

Generate scalable, global insights to improve population health and prevent disease.

Oracle Health solutions target critical healthcare challenges worldwide

Simplify health insurance journeys

Streamline policy administration and claims management

Reduce costs by automating policy management and claims adjudication. Support diverse payment contract models.

Explore the Core Administration Platform

Improve your financial planning and reporting processes

Simplify your financial processes and gain better control over data quality and consistency.

Explore ERP Solutions

Personalize member experiences across all digital channels

Make every member interaction matter with consistent and relevant outreach at every touchpoint.

Explore Customer Experience Solutions

Move to the cloud for faster, secure, and more affordable innovation

Confidently migrate key applications and develop new ones with compliance support and data protection.

Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Improve your members’ health outcomes and your bottom line.

“The use of Oracle Cloud HCM is a key step in our strategy to simplify and modernize our technology.”

Diane Comer

Chief Information and Technology Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Deliver patient-centered healthcare experiences

Build more agile financial and healthcare supply chain processes

Get a single, systemwide view of financial data. Simplify inventory management and procurement.

Explore Healthcare Finance and Operations

Design HR processes that show your care teams how much they matter

Improve clinician satisfaction with simpler staffing and HR experiences, and new growth opportunities.

Explore HCM for Healthcare

Use your healthcare data to improve outcomes

Equip your healthcare analytics capability with the latest technologies and data science tools, so your team can find new ways to improve care.

Explore Healthcare Analytics and AI

Manage a healthier IT budget with cloud computing

Deploy key systems of record in the cloud to improve performance and cut costs. Build innovative applications that improve patient outcomes.

Explore Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Transform healthcare in partnership with Accenture

Powering impactful change for providers, improving access to care, and driving positive outcomes for patients—all are made possible by Accenture’s extensive industry experience and the power of Oracle technologies.

Explore the partnership

See how to improve planning, operations, and compliance management.

“Data is now central to all our new programs, and data governance is at the heart of everything we do.”

Nina Monckton

Head of Information Services, NHS Business Services Authority

Improve community health and prevent disease

Use AI and machine learning for disease detection and prevention

Use the latest data science technologies to do analysis much faster in a secure, compliant environment.

Explore Healthcare Analytics and AI

Improve case management and outreach for community health programs

Take an integrated, coordinated approach to community health with digital outreach and citizen self-service.

Manage patient data consistently with a single source of truth

Create a trusted patient identifier that operates across clinical, operational, and financial systems.

Explore Patient Identifiers

Keep health records secure and accessible for universal care systems

Deploy a single source of truth for patient information—integrated with your clinical systems.

Explore Health Record Access

See how Oracle helps public health organizations meet their mission.

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The power of data agility and organizational transformation

Stephanie Trunzo, Senior Vice President and GM, Oracle Health

When applied to healthcare, data agility quickly bridges the gap between high volumes of data and meaningful decision-making to support new operating models in organizations, empower people across the ecosystem, and unlock improved outcomes for patients—and ultimately—the entire population.

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