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Integrated Project and Portfolio
Planning and Scheduling

For more than 30 years, successful projects around the world have relied on Oracle’s Primavera solutions to plan, build, and operate critical assets. Oracle Primavera Cloud is the only solution that integrates project and portfolio planning and delivery teams for planning, resourcing, risk mitigation, scheduling, and program management.

Learn About Oracle Primavera Cloud

Comprehensive Planning and Scheduling Connected to your Processes:

  • Optimize and Manage Portfolios - Get a long-term view into project portfolio health and performance. Enhance visibility into project information, including pipeline, budgets, and capital spend needs. Ensure alignment of project portfolios with corporate strategic goals.
  • Powerful Project Scheduling and Planning - Efficiently plan, schedule, and control programs and individual projects. Evaluate scenarios to determine the best project plans and mitigate risk. Optimize resources across project teams and track progress.
  • Digitize Lean Construction - Boost efficiency, visibility, and control in Lean construction processes. Define, coordinate, and manage tasks with digital planning boards. Monitor performance and integrate with the CPM primary schedule.
  • Manage Project Risk to Improve Planning and Execution - Capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate project risk to avoid delays or cost overruns and help ensure successful outcomes. Leverage risk analyses to drive project success.

For Owners

Control, visibility, and insights are critical to the effective management of large portfolios. That’s why owners count on Oracle Primavera Cloud for capital planning and portfolio and risk management. Owners can:

  • Rely on “one source of truth” for capital project portfolio data
  • Evaluate portfolio performance across the project lifecycle
  • Analyze activity, status, and success metrics
  • Easily compare KPIs with robust dashboards and share results with stakeholders
  • Make the right decisions to optimize your portfolio and stay aligned with strategic priorities

Read the datasheet: Oracle Primavera Cloud Service for Owners

For Delivery Teams

Leading contractors and delivery teams rely on Oracle Primavera Cloud to connect teams and improve project outcomes. Benefits include:

  • Fully digitized and integrated critical path method (CPM) and Lean scheduling and risk management
  • Total coordination and collaboration around tasks, due dates, and completion plans
  • User simplicity combined with the power to meet any project complexity requirements
  • Integration with schedules from Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • Real-time visibility to monitor

Read the datasheet: Oracle Primavera Cloud Service for Delivery Teams

Key Business Benefits:

Key Business Benefits:

  • Cloud-based, delivering fast time to value
  • One platform for planning, prioritizing, executing, and monitoring projects and programs
  • Optimization and oversight of capital spend to maximize return and align with strategies
  • Enhanced risk mitigation; better visibility of project and portfolio health
  • Comprehensive, integrated planning - critical path method (CPM) and Lean scheduling, plus upstream portfolio planning and downstream risk mitigation
  • Total resource management – maintain optimal staffing levels to improve delivery efficiency
  • Collaboration and control across teams – drive efficiency and quality, reduce waste
  • Connect teams with access from any device, create and update activities and tasks, and view portfolios and files with offline support
  • Risk mitigation – avoid delays and cost overruns

“Primavera Cloud did wonders. It is so easy to use.”

Peter Lignos, Managing Partner, AMP United



Explore Oracle Primavera Cloud

Product Features

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Monitor and Optimize Portfolio Performance

  • Gain full visibility to evaluate portfolio health and performance throughout the project lifecycle
  • Analyze project portfolio activity, status, and success metrics
  • Easily compare key project information and KPIs with robust dashboards
  • Share performance-improvement results across stakeholders
  • Gain faster agreement on project budgets with real-time collaboration
  • Streamline project portfolio management in the cloud to optimize investment mix and maximize return
  • Propose, inventory, prioritize, and select projects in a collaborative environment
  • Visualize portfolio-level capital planning and drive budget planning cycle
  • Perform long-range capital planning with rolling forecast support
  • Evaluate project portfolio spending by modeling "what-if" scenarios

Plan, Schedule, and Deliver Projects

  • Robust tools make it easy to plan and manage multiple projects at the same time — and ensure optimal use of resources
  • Evaluate and select optimal project schedule scenarios, including performing "what-if" analysis
  • Create role-based capacity plans based on project resource demands
  • Optimize roles and resources to maximize ROI
  • Easily communicate project plan changes

Keep Projects and Teams on Track

  • Make sure all stakeholders have the access and visibility they need to plan, schedule, monitor, and deliver superior projects
  • Monitor project progress against original and current baselines
  • Track, report, and analyze project activity, status, and key performance indicators
  • Fully integrate Lean task management to improve efficiency, coordination and control across project activities
  • Enable team collaboration with mobile devices and social tools

Digitize and Optimize Lean Construction

  • Streamline Lean construction task management and improve project team coordination and delivery
  • Collaboratively define tasks, determine due dates and commit to completion plans
  • Easily visualize and revise plans using a color-coded digital planning board
  • Coordinate Lean tasks using mobile devices, web interface, and collaborative meetings

Integrate Lean with CPM Scheduling

  • Monitor performance and fully integrate Lean construction processes with the primary Critical Path Method schedule
  • Automatically generate and capture key performance metrics, including planned percent complete (PPC)
  • Identify trends that limit team productivity
  • Integrate with the primary schedule to improve visibility for all stakeholders, enhance project data management, and make better decisions

Manage Risks and Opportunities

  • The Oracle Primavera Cloud risk register provides a central location for identification, assessment, categorization, and monitoring of all project risk and opportunities.
  • Track potential risks and opportunities at both project and activity levels
  • Manage response plans to determine the best courses of action
  • View and analyze risk scores, probabilities, and thresholds for each individual risk or response item

Run Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Use advanced Monte Carlo-based analysis to gain deeper understanding into the impact of potential risks and opportunities
  • Incorporate schedule and risk data to produce histogram curves showing expected time and cost outcomes, and the probability of achieving each one
  • Include schedule uncertainty to provide greater visibility into potential outcomes
  • Analyze mean impact diagrams to determine risks and activities that have the greatest impact on a project’s schedule

AMP United Reduces Time to Develop new Schedules by 95%

AMP United Reduces Time to Develop new Schedules by 95%

AMP United, LLC is a US industrial and commercial coatings business servicing US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels. Using Oracle Primavera Cloud, they improved resource allocation leading to six-figure budget savings.

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