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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database Management

With Database Management Cloud Service, DBAs get a unified console for on-premises and cloud databases with lifecycle database management capabilities for monitoring, performance management, tuning, and administration. Use advanced database fleet diagnostics and tuning to troubleshoot issues and optimize performance. Optimize SQL with real-time SQL monitoring and simplify database configurations.

Oracle delivers the best of Oracle Enterprise Manager as a cloud service. DBAs no longer have to maintain the system, freeing up time to focus their high-value skills. In addition, key innovations like Database Fleet Automation simplify and speed database fleet management for both on-premises and databases deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management.

Explore Database Management

Fleet monitoring and management

Compartment and group monitoring

View, monitor, and obtain insights such as the inventory or the number of Oracle Databases across a database compartment or group. See status, alarms, CPU, and Storage usage. Fleet Summary enables monitoring of multiple Oracle Database services deployed across OCI compartments or Groups from a single screen.

Root cause analysis

Proactively detect and identify the root cause of performance issues across a fleet of databases and respond to performance and configuration related alerts.

Database fleet automation

Automate database fleet management for better operational efficiency. Define routine database jobs that will run against a set of databases on a schedule.

Database groups

Manage by groups

Create groups of Oracle databases for monitoring and managing them together, simplifying oversight.

Bulk SQL operations

Use templates as a powerful way to create and run bulk SQL operations.

CDB and PDB management

Group databases by their purpose; for example, group by container databases (CDB's) and pluggable databases (PDB's) spanning compartments, then use bulk SQL operations to automate lifecycle operations.

Database summary

Key performance metrics

Use a cloud console to monitor DB time and average active sessions to evaluate database performance.

Throughput metrics

Monitor IO throughput and bandwidth from a cloud console to proactively detect throughput bottlenecks.

Tablespace and storage usage

Display system storage and user data storage broken down by usage in system tablespaces and user data. User data storage is broken down by usage in the top five user tablespaces.


SQL templates

Package SQL scripts in templates to run in bulk across databases in a group. These can be used to automate scheduled database maintenance tasks.

Automate DevOps jobs

Create templates that automate bulk SQL jobs across all databases in a group, like DevOps jobs using your custom SQL, PL/SQL scripts.

Automate developer jobs

Developers can create templates to address needs across compartments within a group. Apply jobs as templates to run your own SQL scripts against a single database or a Group.

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JANUARY 27, 2021

Announcing the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management

Sriram Vrinda, Product Management, Oracle

Oracle Database Management provides comprehensive database performance and management capability for all flavors of Oracle Databases, including OCI and on-premises, which significantly reduce the burden on DBAs by providing a full-lifecycle solution encompassing monitoring, performance management, tuning, and database administration.

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Database Management pricing

Database Management

External Database

Host CPU core per hour
Subscribe to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management License Included option.
External Database BYOL

Host CPU core per hour
Bring your on-premises Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Pack licenses to the Database Management Service.

Database Management use cases


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