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See How Big Data Transforms Your Business

Oracle’s approach to big data is more than simply processing numbers. Starting with Oracle Autonomous Database all the way to tools for data scientists and business analysts, Oracle offers a comprehensive solution to manage—and get the most out of—every aspect of big data.

Data Management Services for Big Data

Today’s online business landscape generates increasing volumes of data in data sources. It’s time to use them. Answer new questions. Discover fixes to issues you haven’t noticed before. Uncover new possibilities for your business. To do that, you need to integrate your data to bring it into your system and manage and store it. Then analyze your data to discover the answers. Oracle Data Management services support storage, processing, and access to multistructured data, managed in multimodel databases and enterprise data lakes that are integrated together to take advantage of all data.

Big Data Analytics

Get the machine learning capabilities necessary to achieve your business objectives, all in scalable solutions.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

A single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data, in any environment, on any device.

Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph

Handle the most challenging graph, spatial, and processing workloads on Apache Hadoop and NoSQL database technologies.

Oracle Data Science

Oracle Data Science is a collaborative, open, and enterprise-grade platform that helps data science teams become more productive and effective.

Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Machine Learning is an SQL notebook interface for data scientists to perform machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Oracle Advanced Analytics

Oracle Advanced Analytics delivers parallelized in-database implementations of data mining algorithms and integration with open source R. Data analysts use Oracle Data Miner GUI and R to build and evaluate predictive models and leverage R packages and graphs.

Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop

The R interface for manipulating data stored in HDFS, using both Hive transparency capabilities and mapping HDFS as direct input.

Big Data Integration

Ingest, manage, and deploy data to the service needs of your business with Oracle's big data integration tools.

Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud

Gain real-time data streaming, batch data processing, enterprise data quality, and data governance capabilities.

Oracle Internet of Things

Gain new data-driven insights and drive actions by connecting, analyzing, and integrating device data.

Oracle Stream Analytics

Rapidly create real-time event stream processing applications and manage and execute solutions.

Big Data Management

Big data management maximizes resources for organizations of all sizes for stronger data value and organizational processes.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Database scales elastically, delivers fast query performance, and requires no database administration.

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Benefit from the power of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as an automated service with the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem.

Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service

Extend Oracle SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL. Parse and intelligently filter data where it resides. Works with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.

Oracle Cloud at Customer

Gain Oracle Cloud services in your data center, fully managed by Oracle.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

A comprehensive big data platform designed to acquire, organize, and analyze large data workloads from diverse sources at speed and scale.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is one of a family of cloud services built on the self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Oracle Autonomous Database.

GPU Support for Big Data Workloads

Bare metal GPU servers, without the hypervisor overhead, deliver uncompromising and predictable performance.

Oracle NoSQL Database

A scale-out, low latency, key-value database service that includes support for JSON and table data types.

Big Data and Analytics on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure partners with industry-leading providers. The resulting partnership delivers flexibility for choosing the products and platforms that work best for your requirements on the industry's best infrastructure.