Bonnell Aluminum unifies cross-departmental data with Oracle Analytics

Bonnell Aluminum aims for complete supply chain visibility to drive strategic decisions across all departments with Oracle Fusion Analytics.


With cross-departmental data at our fingertips, it will be easier to understand what’s on hand and on demand to make strategic procurement decisions. The ability to identify and fix problems faster than ever before across our five plants will be our biggest strength moving forward.

Michael BrownVice President, Information Technology, Bonnell Aluminum

Business challenges

The manufacturer of custom fabricated and finished aluminum extrusions looked to connect complex data across HR, finance, and operations. Bonnell Aluminum found that its previous disparate systems prevented management from having inventory visibility across its five manufacturing plants. Plant managers had to combine onsite data using spreadsheets with a homegrown ERP reporting system, leading to inconsistent data and decisions across locations.

With 80% of its focus in custom manufacturing, Bonnell places high value on delivering products on time to customers. However, poor shipment visibility and delays caused by global material shortages made it difficult to keep up with growing customer expectations, leading Bonnell to look at alternative analytics solutions.

It was difficult to get a unified view of operations connecting complex data across multiple spreadsheets.

Michael BrownVice President, Information Technology, Bonnell Aluminum

Why Bonnell Aluminum chose Oracle

Achieving visibility across finance, sales, and supply chain data was key to Bonnell’s mission of gaining full control over operations. Getting this cross-departmental view was central to Bonnell choosing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Fusion ERP Analytics as its preferred solution.

Bonnell was impressed with Oracle’s continued commitment to innovation. The company decided to deploy Fusion Analytics across finance and HR departments in all locations simultaneously to improve decision-making. Next on the list: rolling out Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics to complete the vision of full data integration across all plants.

With a single view of data across all locations, Bonnell Aluminum optimizes purchasing and makes timely inventory decisions based on what customers need.


Poring over reams of data to find actionable information is no longer a reality for Bonnell. Oracle Fusion Analytics provided all stakeholders, from plant management to key executives, with visibility into inventory, production floor, and back office, all with the click of a button.

Empowered with an enhanced analysis of its Fusion Cloud data across ERP, HCM, and SCM, the company can identify problem areas in production that contribute to process inefficiencies and delayed orders. Managers can better optimize labor across sites and direct spending based on real-time insights.

Beyond shop-floor analysis, Fusion Analytics helps Bonnell connect cross-departmental data, allowing finance and procurement teams to find savings with suppliers and negotiate better prices during sourcing. Fusion Analytics will also help drive cultural change across the organization with a more data-driven approach. Empowering every user with key insights is critical to improving processes and increasing collaboration across functions.

Published:December 14, 2022

About the customer

Bonnell Aluminum is a premier manufacturer of custom fabricated and finished aluminum extrusions. With over 65 years in the industry, its production facilities serve many of North America’s largest and most respected manufacturing companies through design solutions and unmatched extrusion capabilities and services.