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Consumer Goods Traceability with Blockchain

Consumer Goods Traceability with Blockchain provides robust proof of compliance through the entire value chain, supporting food processors, retailers, and consumers. Using blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), this solution helps detect, trace, and—when required—recall suspect products more efficiently. This helps ensure consumer satisfaction while reducing or eliminating reputational damage and financial losses. The solution also helps promote health and safety as well as ecological and socioeconomic causes.

Key Benefits

Detect, trace, and recall suspect products more efficiently, protecting consumers, mitigating reputational damage, and reducing financial losses.


Enhance Supply Chain Visibility

Detect and track supply chain incidents and anomalies with fine-grain detail, improving transparency and mitigating risk.


Track Product Journey and Condition

Real-time location and delivery tracking though IoT asset management, minimizing lost productivity and improving product quality.


Safeguard Product Provenance

Better product transparency for place of origin, authenticity, and provenance. This reduces risk and improves policy compliance management.


Ensure Product Quality

Reduces the risk of product tampering.

Featured Products

Consumer Goods Traceability with Blockchain Products


Procurement Cloud

Procurement process with innovative digital technology and automation to streamline process, control cost, manage risk, and grow revenue. It provides more effective spend control and greater business agility.

Supply Chain Management

Order Management

Manage orders from all your channels to get a single view of your customer. Orchestrate all your order-to-cash processes and proactively resolve exceptions.

Supply Chain Management


Drive operational excellence and deliver quality products on time and on budget. Streamline your entire production cycle, from R&D to cost and shop-floor execution. Collaborate effectively with approved suppliers and contract manufacturers.


Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle offers an easier way to transform your enterprise with the industry’s most comprehensive and enterprise-grade blockchain solution. Oracle Blockchain Platform securely extends your business processes and applications while enabling you to process business transactions much faster.

Blockchain Apps

Intelligent Track and Trace

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace is a prebuilt blockchain application that provides end-to-end visibility into multienterprise supply chain networks, enabling asset owners to track and trace things of value to achieve faster results and establish trust between participating trading partners.

Internet of Things Apps

IoT Asset Monitoring

Real-time insights from connected assets and devices. Improve profitability through automated monitoring and asset alerts. Gain real-time visibility into asset condition and temperature, and predict future events.

Consumer Goods Traceability with Blockchain Resources

Forbes Article - Can Blockchain Alleviate the Food Contamination Crisis?

Forbes: Can Blockchain Alleviate the Food Contamination Crisis?

Recent outbreaks of food poisoning across the US are a sign of larger problems in the food supply chain, problems exacerbated by consumer demand for fresher, less processed, farm-to-fork fare.

5 Ways Blockchain & IoT are Transforming the Supply Chain

CIO: Five Ways Blockchain and IoT are Transforming the Supply Chain

Today’s customers demand superior product experience, better customer service, greater transparency, improved safety standards, and faster delivery.

Disrupt or be Disrupted

IDC: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

The consumer goods and retail industries are undergoing massive change, much of it driven or enabled by supply chain transformation.

Oracle Blog - What will it take for better traceability from farm to fork?

Oracle Blog: What Will It Take for Better Traceability from Farm to Fork?

With 16% of consumers saying they would never buy a recalled food product again, what will it take for better traceability? What will it take to minimize food safety problems?

Solution Brief - Consumer Goods & Retail Traceability with Blockchain

Solution Brief: Consumer Goods and Retail Traceability with Blockchain

Easily track and gain visibility about product quality, compliance, product journey, authenticity, performance and recall related information.