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Cloud pricing

Simple and competitive

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers uniform pricing across all global regions and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. Oracle’s approach simplifies cost management and eliminates billing surprises. Customers also get committed use discounts, software license portability, and rewards for OCI consumption.

8x8 saves 80% in network egress costs with OCI. (0:29)

Cloud service pricing benefits

Compute: Better price-performance and flexible sizing

For workloads with odd core counts and nonstandard memory increments, such as three cores and 48 GB of RAM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers fully flexible, perfectly-sized instances, while AWS requires you to choose a fixed instance size from a very long menu. The cost savings of adjusting the size exactly to your IT need comes on top of our price that is already more than 3X better price-performance than AWS.

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High-performance storage that makes it simple to save money

For the majority of workloads, our customers choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (balanced setting). Our block storage offers as much as 1.5X the IOPS performance for 81% less cost for 500 GB capacity compared to AWS. Oracle’s straightforward cloud storage pricing has no provisioning charges, complex pricing formulas, or pricing variances based on geography. In addition, it can automatically tune down the performance when appropriate to increase your savings.

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Delivering network efficiency that doesn’t hold your data hostage

Our networking infrastructure is fast, predictable, and inexpensive. Our networking benefits from off-box virtualization, offering nonblocking network connectivity across every host with industry-leading quality of service. Unlike AWS, which locks in your data with extremely high pricing for network egress, our approach is to give customers everyday low pricing for network egress and free ingress, making it easy and cost effective for you to deliver data out to end users or integrated systems, even for workloads with massive data transfer requirements.

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Cloud pricing examples

General purpose VM

AWS is 96% more expensive for 25% less performance




starting from


Block storage

OCI is 57.5% less expensive and offers as much as 20X more IOPS than AWS


100 GB

6000 IOPS

starting from


Private connectivity

Up to 97% savings for OCI FastConnect over AWS Direct Connect


10 Gbps FastConnect

starting from


Outbound data
Data egress

Up to 83% less expensive outbound data transfer costs compared to AWS



starting from

$0.0085 per GB/hour

Oracle Cost Estimator

Estimate your expected monthly project costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Pricing models for OCI services

Oracle offers simple pricing models and compelling savings programs to get you more value, faster.

For enterprises that want to expand in multiple geographies without constraints, OCI provides a consistent experience in every region, both in performance and cost. Customers can stay within their original budget and forecast cloud spending accurately, regardless of where applications are deployed. In contrast, AWS Reserved Instances cannot be moved to another region, and on-demand m5d large costs 29% more in Tokyo than in the US and 59% more in São Paulo; Azure D2_v3 costs 34% more in Tokyo and 66% in São Paolo; and Google Compute Engine e2-highmem-2 costs 9% more in Singapore and 41% more in São Paolo. In addition, OCI provides a series of controls for you to limit resource access, control your budget, tune down underused resources, and forecast your spending.

  • Grow and deploy your environment in new regions without pricing arbitrage considerations
  • Control your budget and eliminate billing surprises
  • Accurately forecast cloud spending

Low, everyday pricing allows you to quickly provision services and only pay for what you use. Your use of OCI services—IaaS and PaaS—is metered hourly, and you’re charged only for the resources you consume, with no hidden costs. You always have flexibility to switch services and cloud regions (data centers) at any time, with no notice needed.

  • Provision and scale cloud resources instantly
  • With Pay As You Go, you have no upfront commitment and no minimum service period
  • With global coverage, commercial and government regions have the same low pricing

Oracle Universal Credits enable customers to use any OCI platform service in any region, including future cloud services. Credits are debited as you use OCI services over the course of a year, giving you the flexibility to ramp up your workloads. Purchase of a sufficient amount of Oracle Universal Credits entitles you to volume discounts.

  • Predictable bill
  • Paid in advance and debited monthly based on your actual usage
  • Use your Universal Credits with any OCI service in any region

BYOL allows you to use your current on-premises Oracle software licenses to run those applications on high-performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or to use highly automated managed versions of the software. Your current licenses can be used for corresponding Oracle services for 100% workload compatibility on Oracle Cloud or Oracle Cloud@Customer.

  • Recycle your on-premises licenses and use them in Oracle Cloud
  • Keep Oracle Support via your existing on-premises support contract
  • Accelerate your journey from on-premises to the cloud

With Oracle Support Rewards, Oracle customers get even more value when they move to Oracle Cloud. Every $1 spent on Oracle Cloud generates a 25¢ reduction in your Oracle technology license support bill (Unlimited License Agreement customers can save even more: 33¢ for every $1 spent on OCI).

  • Reduce your Oracle Support bill down to zero
  • Combine Support Rewards and Universal Credits volume discounts
  • Accelerate the return on investment of your move to Oracle Cloud

See how enterprises are scaling their deployments with OCI for greater cost effectiveness

Mazda cuts costs 50% and boosts performance 70% with Oracle Cloud

“We migrated a global inventory management system that tracks thousands of automotive repair parts and accessories from an on-premises system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”
—Masahiko Tamura, General Manager, Supply Chain Systems Department, Mazda Motor Corporation

Cisco delivers 60X better performance and 90% lower costs for its Tetration SaaS application

“Customers can save up to 90 percent on total cost of ownership running Cisco Tetration on Oracle Cloud, compared to on site.”
—Navindra Yadav, Founder, Cisco Tetration

NilsonGroup cuts infrastructure costs 30% with Oracle Cloud

“We already have lower costs and a much better analysis of what we consume in terms of hardware resources. It’s also easy to scale the solution up and down.”
—Johan Holmström, IT Operations Manager, NilsonGroup

Xactly lowers costs and ups performance with Oracle Cloud

“Adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as our preferred platform empowers us to speed innovation and transform customer experiences. No other cloud provider delivers the cost and performance benefits we require.”
—Chris Cabrera, Founder and CEO, Xactly

Entel expands using VMware apps running in Oracle Cloud and cuts costs by 50%

One of the best things about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that we can run all of our VMware workloads and other mission-critical applications for two companies, in two regions, on one cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Cost Estimator

Calculate savings for any combination of OCI services.

Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on the selection of services such as Autonomous Database, Compute, and Storage, as well as $300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.