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Owners deserve assurance about the success of their capital programs. Align project prioritization with organizational goals. Access timely cost, schedule, and risk information at the project, program, and portfolio levels, to enable proactive action—keeping your projects on track. Ensure a full project record to maintain your built assets throughout their operational life.

See how Oracle helps owners maximize their capital budgets.

Make the most of your capital projects and built asset budget spend

Optimize funding and ensure governance on education projects

Educational institutions have complex needs. Juggling multiple funding sources, meeting specific board-level deadlines, and managing inflexible project schedules to meet educational requirements takes robust functionality, system flexibility, and interoperability with existing systems.

Explore capital program management for education
See the University of Connecticut’s results

Ensure critical healthcare projects are delivered on time

The highly technical and tight tolerance specifications of healthcare facilities—from hospitals to research and medical centers—require strict coordination, visibility, and stringently managed processes. Access to the full project record ensures the efficient maintenance and advancement of healthcare facilities.

Explore capital program management for healthcare

Efficiently manage hospitality’s biggest assets: property portfolios

Spend time and money on what’s most important to you: maintaining your customers’ loyalty. Gain better control over costs, schedules, and risk so you can prioritize the right projects, be assured that the new property will be open for wedding season, and feel confident that the conference center remodel will be completed in time to fulfill your commitments. Access complete project data to support efficient operations.

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Increase control and efficiency on your plant infrastructure investments

Manufacturing facilities can be just as critical to your operations as the tools and processes used within them. Digitize and automate your capital program management planning, cost, schedule, scope, and risk processes to ensure you’re prioritizing the right projects and improving assurance over successful project execution and ongoing operations.

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Enhance the flexibility of retail’s physical spaces

Flexibility can be a competitive necessity to meet changing consumer expectations. Because the needs of retail spaces are changing and will likely continue to change—influenced by mobile point-of-sale solutions, curbside pickup, and the continued shift to online shopping—it’s critical for retail owners to be able to build and retrofit their physical spaces efficiently and with flexibility in mind.

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Confidently deliver data centers to meet capacity and provide redundancy

As capacity needs continue to grow and as more and more organizations rely on online capabilities for their core operations, the ability to meet capacity requirements when needed has become more important than ever. Continuing advancements in technology require data centers to have built-in flexibility. Having full project records supports efficient upgrades and retrofits.

Explore data center capital program management
Hear about strategic capital program management from Compass Datacenters

Consistently prioritize your proposed projects

Reduce risk and protect your reputation by prioritizing and selecting projects based on the criteria you determine. Automatically assess asset failure probability based on performance and maintenance records. Help meet sustainability goals with your decision criteria.

Explore Primavera capital planning
Ameren speeds project evaluation

Meet regulatory requirements and ensure timely project execution

It’s crucial to keep costs down and adhere to schedules when providing critical resources in an increasingly competitive environment. Leading global oil and gas companies are saving time, reducing costs, and improving the accuracy of key activities, including shutdown turnarounds (STOs), proposal/premise reviews, and change management.

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Gain control and assurance over STO

Consistently deliver critical services to utilities customers

Since utilities companies must keep the lights on, unplanned service interruptions can be matters of life or death. By implementing proven, secure solutions, leading utilities companies around the world are increasing assurance for themselves and their customers.

Take a tour of project and asset management for utilities
Explore capital program management for utilities
FirstEnergy integrates systems to speed up response time
Learn how to address aging water and electric infrastructure

Efficiently deliver renewables projects to power tomorrow’s needs

“Big oil” companies are investing in renewable energy projects across five continents to meet customer demand and government mandates. These critical projects require seamless collaboration among cross-organizational teams, strict document and workflow management, and robust scheduling to align the office and field teams and meet milestones on time.

Hear how Siemens Gamesa saves 5,000 working hours per project
Mayflower Wind speeds up workflows by 40% to 60%
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Meet mining’s safety and compliance needs

Due to the high-risk, unpredictable nature of mining, the industry demands flexible, proven systems to manage complexity, provide visibility, and enable critical safety and risk information to be captured and addressed proactively.

Explore construction management for mining
Rio Tinto reduces staff overlap by 65%

Enterprise asset management

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service provides real-time asset work history, condition monitoring, and automated risk identification. These robust decision-support tools provide a more reliable view of asset health, which is critical to making repair-versus-replace decisions.

Louisville Water transforms asset management with Oracle
Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management

“We work better with Oracle’s Primavera solutions. We gained efficiency and improved project control.”

Arnaud Gerber

Project Management Information Systems Manager, Assystem

The University of Connecticut speeds funding change management by more than 90%
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina develops budgets in minutes, instead of close to a month
Landmark Properties develops reporting 3 to 4 times faster and develops look-aheads in just minutes

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