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Oracle Customer Data Management (CDM)

Oracle Customer Data Management gives sales, service, and marketing professionals a single view of each customer, compiled and unified from multiple data sources and verified for accuracy and timeliness. It sets sellers up for success with customer records they can trust, leading to enhanced customer interactions.

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Explore Customer Data Management (CDM)

Establish a quality data foundation

Give your sales, marketing, and service teams what they really need—consistent, accurate, and relevant customer data at their fingertips. Clean, match, deduplicate, and consolidate data across your entire business for optimal data access and quality.

Customer data hub

Improve operational efficiencies across finance, sales, marketing, and customer service teams, using a single, consistent, and accurate customer profile.

Identify duplicate data

Easily discover duplicate records as they enter your systems and match duplicate records that already reside within your systems.

Duplicate resolution

Resolve duplicate records with confidence and retain the strongest customer records collected by your organization.

User-friendly interface

Give your data stewards complete control of your data with a user-friendly UI built for their needs and your business requirements.

Back-office integration

Leverage a single, complete, and accurate customer master record across your business through a simple ERP integration.

CRM data enrichment

Enrich, enhance, and update customer records with AI-sourced, second- and third-party data to ensure the accuracy and completeness of address and customer profile elements.

Account and contact enrichment

Complete your customer profile with the most up-to-date demographic and firmographic attributes, corporate hierarchies, and relationship data sourced by Dun & Bradstreet.

Account intelligence

Arm your sales teams with up-to-date information and insights on prospects and customers. Enrich CRM customer records with firmographic data points and 68 types of real-time, AI-sourced company signals using Oracle DataFox Data Management. Easily monitor news and key milestones on prospects and improve the relevance and personalization of your sales teams’ outreach efforts.

Address, email, and phone verification

Validate customer address, email, and phone data in real time. Autofill address data from trusted sources and experts.

Smart data

Find what you need faster and prevent dirty data from entering your systems. Save time and increase accuracy with autofill profile and address elements and typeahead search.

Data cleansing

Give your sales and customer service teams the most accurate data possible when they need it most.

Power your business with AI-driven data

Increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies, and provide uniformity throughout the entire customer lifecycle with the cleanest and most complete customer data.

AI-powered data

Surface business insights you can trust. Clean and complete data helps you gain the insights and outcomes you need to compete.

Data for sales teams

Empower your sales teams with better customer data. Provide sales operations with accurate location data for territory management, give your sales managers curated data to grow total addressable markets, and enable sellers with precise data to understand and prioritize their prospects.

Data for marketing teams

Enhance marketing campaigns with enriched segmentation powered by real-time demographic and firmographic data and real-time account data signals.

Data for customer service teams

Make every customer service touchpoint matter and provide a delightful customer service experience with accurate, real-time customer data.

Key benefits—customer data management

01Strengthen your source of truth

Provide a single, consistent, and accurate customer profile across your CRM and back-office systems to better understand your customer’s needs and how they align with your business goals.

Your sales team is telling you they need accurate customer data. Here’s why.

The power of CRM and back-office integration. Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform

02Enrich data and keep it clean

Reach more prospects with enriched customer data from real-time, third-party data sources. Enhance your view of prospects by including Dun & Bradstreet data, AI-sourced company data, and data signals from Oracle DataFox Data Management.

03Increase your business agility

Continuously clean, dedupe, and merge rogue data with AI-fueled tools, giving you the power to verify and improve your data in real time.

How clean is your data? Complimentary data health scan

Why clean, accurate customer data is the only way to provide differentiated customer service

Thought Leadership

Effective Data Management for Service Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

Chris McGugan, Senior VP, Oracle Service and Field Service Clouds

Nothing’s impossible when you have the right level of customer data management that can provide the intelligence needed to deliver incredible customer service experiences. So what does great customer service look like? Let’s take a look.

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