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Build contextually relevant, digital marketing campaigns for all consumers. Oracle Responsys Campaign Management is a cross-channel campaign management platform that delivers advanced intelligence at scale so you can create personalized messages based on the individual interests and preferences of customers and prospects.

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Individualized email marketing

Produce inspiring email marketing messages simply and efficiently with dynamic personalization that ensures every customer is treated as an individual. Achieve enterprise scale without sacrificing customer preferences.

Campaign production

Use an intuitive, code-optional email message designer to personalize your campaigns. Quickly toggle between device previews to ensure the email consistently renders as expected.

Improved deliverability

Ensure each message reaches its intended recipient. Gain a competitive advantage with Oracle’s Deliverability Plus, designed to maximize delivery success.

Secure collaboration

Improve cross-team collaboration. Match platform access to job responsibilities and create permissions that fit your organizational structure. Facilitate process management across teams and contractors to ensure efficient delivery of campaigns.

Advanced professional services

Collaborate with our full-service Oracle Consulting Services organization to augment your team’s capabilities and resolve any outstanding digital marketing needs.

Segment and target with ease

Connect, activate, and leverage data from multiple sources to define customer segments that improve engagement. Continuously measure performance of all key segments to ensure each message is appropriate and relevant.

Audience designer

Assemble audiences from any customer segments and easily filter out those you need to exclude. Simplified subscription management allows you to easily prepare your distribution list for any cross-channel communication.

Detailed campaign analytics

Use data visualization dashboards to evaluate campaign performance or export custom-built reports by audience, segment, or individual.

Real-time personalization

Respond to any customer event from any digital channel as the customer is interacting with your brand. You can personalize multi-step or simple campaigns, and any content within campaigns, based on a customer’s unique behavior.

Display personalized recommendations to email recipients

Deliver highly personalized, relevant content to email recipients in real time by using a machine learning—based recommendations engine that includes Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence.

Consistent cross-channel experiences

Ensure your brand voice is consistent across email, SMS, mobile, push, web push, and social for every recipient. Enhance the customer experience (CX) by providing a unified voice across all touchpoints and channels.

Personalized mobile marketing

Autonomously create mobile campaigns that deliver content across mobile push and rich push messages. Tailor interactions to each customer’s demonstrated interests and preferences.

Browser push

Deliver messages directly to customers via their browser, on desktop or mobile devices. Messages appear in native message centers and do not require a customer to be on your website.

Customer journey orchestration

React to unpredictable customer behavior with Oracle’s purpose-built AI, designed to help you select the next-best channel and message. Easy manual settings help you prepare multichannel marketing campaigns by selecting customer data from intuitive, drop-down menus.

Oracle CX Mobile SDK

Configure and implement your customer mobile lifecycle using the Oracle CX Mobile SDK. Coordinate easily across mobile channels, reducing complexity while improving your customer’s mobile experience.

Test and optimize campaigns

Optimize campaign performance with easy-to-use A/B testing and multivariate testing. Choose the best testing methodology to fit your unique needs and learn more about your customers’ preferences

Test outcome design

Deploy different campaign versions alongside a control and designate the winning message based on your own KPIs. Be confident that your results are statistically significant.

Expansive multivariate testing

Run multivariate testing for up to eight creative variations at once. Determine the best subject lines, images, content blocks, or other personalization elements to understand customer preferences.

Advanced Intelligence for Responsys

Leverage AI to target the right customers, personalize content based on their interests, and deliver it to channels they actually use. Reduce customer churn and improve engagement levels with intelligent segmentation and look-alike modeling.

Advanced segmentation

Better align your audience to your campaign. Find customer potential hidden within complex data relationships with AI-enabled RFM and customer lifetime value tools. Use fatigue analysis to identify “oversaturated” customers and devise better messaging cadences for higher-quality conversions.

Optimized customer journeys

Optimize customer journeys to improve opens, clicks, and conversions. Intelligent switch automatically selects the best campaign, channel, and time to deliver an email to each customer or potential customer. You’ll spend less time developing customer journeys while minimizing errors and improving customer experience.

Actionable analytics and insights

Access insightful analytics to quickly and easily determine how campaigns, programs, and messages are performing across different segments, channels, and devices.

Prebuilt reports

Useful, out-of-the-box reports designed by marketers for marketers makes it easy to evaluate campaign performance. Customizable reports are also available for your unique situations.

Campaign revenue insight

Quickly and easily understand revenue earned from each purchasing segment across different channels and perform sophisticated analysis easily and independently. There’s no need for IT to help inform marketing decisions.

Purpose-built AI

Use a RFM dashboard to find your best customers across email, mobile apps, and SMS. Identify those with the highest potential and run a fatigue analysis to avoid message fatigue—without having to rely on a data scientist.

Loyalty and engagement

Easily connect customer loyalty programs to digital marketing initiatives. Ensure customers stay current and connected while rewarding them for their loyalty and advocacy.

Respond to every event

Continually adapt customer journeys based on real-time events. React to opens, clicks, purchases, browses, searches, abandonment, social sharing, or any event unique to your customers.

CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement integration

Respond to core lifecycle marketing events in real time to build deeper customer relationships. Capture rich, first-party data—profile data, engagement data, and purchase data—through CrowdTwist's integration with Responsys.

Neostar tracks and segments customers based on interest with Oracle Marketing

"We are using Oracle Responsys to create the customized campaigns for our clients…with customized suggestions on which car to buy next."

—Vladimir Bace
Chief Marketing Officer, Neostar

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management customer successes

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Key benefits—campaign management

Adapt and scale to market changes

Pivot active marketing programs in response to unexpected market changes or business volumes, to ensure, reliable and contextual communications.

Email marketing improvements to make during slow periods

Overcome email deliverability issues in a changing world

Improve time-to-market with intelligent workflows

Launch campaigns faster using intuitive, customizable workflows that help you and your teams accomplish more with less reliance on IT.

How to speed up email production workflows

Enhance personalization with real-time data

Connect real-time customer behaviors to your digital marketing programs to ensure timely and relevant messages that drive higher conversion rates.

Move beyond segmentation to personalize at individual level

Personalized marketing for B2C campaigns

Catch costly production errors before they occur

Easily review marketing campaigns, detect production errors before they occur, and get fully optimized campaigns out into the market quicker.

Learn how a strategic investment in AI can better support your digital marketing campaigns

Know your customers better

Identify more opportunities to exceed your customers’ expectations. Leverage advanced data science, built directly into Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, to optimize audience segmentation and then personalize your message to every individual.

Learn more about Advanced Intelligence for Oracle Responsys

MARCH 1, 2022

How Mail Privacy Protection is changing how email marketing performance is measured

Chad S. White, Head of Strategic Research, Oracle

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) is upending how email marketers measure performance. With upwards of 95% of Apple Mail app users likely to enable MPP and Apple Mail accounting for roughly half of all email opens when MPP went into effect last September, email opens have been dramatically depreciated.

That has marketers reevaluating how they measure email marketing success. Let’s discuss how things have changed and how they haven’t.

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See why Oracle Marketing is a leader

See how the Oracle CX team is working to make every customer interaction matter. Catch up on the latest in blogs, videos, product demos, events, and more.

See why Oracle Marketing is a leader

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