Label Security

Control what data users see based on data and session labels. Oracle Label Security records and enforces access permission for data based on project codes, regions, or data classifications. These controls reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and help to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Explore Oracle Label Security

Enforce data access by security levels

User access to data is controlled by defined data labels (restricted, sensitive, public). Hundreds of levels are supported.

Users only see authorized data for their defined groups

Use group labels to ensure users only access data relevant to their specific needs. Thousands of groups can be defined.

Flexible security modeling

Combine level and group labels to model almost any security policy, ensuring users only access appropriate data.

Oracle Label Security use cases

  • Record and enforce user access permissions

    Data labels indicate access permission for various data usages, while session labels limit processing based on that permission.

  • Control data access by region or organization

    Group data by usage, including project-specific, regional, or organizational divisions. Users can only see data for their groups.

  • Enforce consistent security policies across applications

    Reduce application development time by leveraging a centralized data security model enforced at the core data layer.

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