Oracle Identity Manager 11g Sample Assets

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) Developers, System Integrators and Architects often encounter the need for customization of OIM deployments – either to deliver impressive demo of certain use cases (Proof-Of-concepts) to prospects or implement actual realistic requirements of an enterprise (customer), which are actually deploying OIM in their IT infrastructure. To assist such situations by providing solid technical references, Oracle has released a comprehensive set of sample assets. These assets can not only be used as references for building further customizations but even might serve as ready-to-use components for some very commonly encountered use cases. They include code, configuration, deployment package and complete documentation also, to help the consumers. Each asset has separate packages to be used with different OIM versions - 11gR1, 11gR1 Patchset1,11gR2,11gR2 Patchset1 and 11gR2 Patchset2.

Note: These assets should not be considered as official product packages on which one can file support issues in Metalink. Any feedback, concern or question should be sent directly to OIM Product Management (

Asset Download location (Asset Package)
OIM Customization Installer

JDeveloper Extension for SINGLE CLICK deployment of OIM customizations like Event Handlers, Plugins, Scheduled Tasks, Request Datasets and Notification Events.

ICF based Connector Development

Sample covering each and every possible aspect of building OIM connectors using the recently introduced and strategic Identity Connector Framework.

Request Approval Workflow

A SOA Composite as a solid asset with an intelligent logic of OIM Request approval workflow covering advanced features – Runtime Data Collection from OIM, multiple level approvals, serial/parallel, Email Actionable Approval, Escalations, Reminders.

This Asset explains how Request and Catalog Data is exposed to the BPEL Process and how to Configure Workflow Selection Rules so that they can be edited via SOA Composer through web browser.

Event Handler – Post Process (Contractor ID Registration)

A Post-process and conditional event handler addressing a specific use case.

Notification Event– Role Grant

A complete set of custom Notification configuration including Notification event, Notification Template and Event Handler invoking Notification APIs.

Scheduled task – Lookup code reconciliation

Sample for building a custom scheduled task and associated scheduled jobs for periodic reconciliation.

Skin Development

In this Assetb, you will learn how to deploy and activate sample OIM skin and how to deploy additional customizations.

Advanced UI Customization

Conatins UI Customization Projects that can be deployed and customized for OIM R2.

Extend Disconnected Composite

Conatins step to customize OOB Default Disconnected Composite.

Configure SOA Mail Notification

This document describes how to configure SOA Email Notification.

Custom SOA Approval TaskFlow

This sample shows how customers can build their own taskflow and configure the human task in DefaultRequestApproval composite to invoke their custom taskflow.

Asset Entitlement Revoke

This sample contains a stand alone OIM Client project which can be used to revoke user's Entitlement.

Asset EntitlementCleanup

This sample has a Scheduled Task which explains how can you automatically revoke Highly Critical Entitlements from Users when the Grant duration ends.

Asset Admin Role Assignment

This asset introduces an event handler, which can automatically assignment an admin role to a user, once an enterprise role is assigned to her.

Reading Catalog UDF in SOA Composite

In this composite it is described how to parse Catalog UDF in SOA Composite.

Customizing Resource Forms

Resource Forms are used during access request, approval, and fulfillment and to view account details. This note describes how resource forms can be customized to achieve customer requirements.

Extending Webservice Connector

This asset introduces two labs which explain how one can use Webservice service connector to build integration with a sample target application.

Formatting SOD Violations

This is a sample UI Customization asset that takes output of GRC violations and parses into tabular format.

OIM Integration with REST Targets

This asset explains two approaches that can be used to integrate the REST based targets. One approach is using Java embedded task with Webservice Connector and another one is using standalone custom connector using Jersey framework.

OIM Integration with SPML Targets

This asset explains how OIM Generic Webservices Connector can be used to integrate with Oracle Waveset via OW's SPML interfaces.

OIM Flat File Connector Case Studies

This asset covers various business scenarios where flat file connector can be used. It contains business case studies such as data loading into existing disconnected resources, data loading into connected resources in offline mode , creating a disconnected resource and using flat file connector as recon only connector.

Oracle Identity Governance Recommended Access

This asset enables the Recommended Access feature in Oracle Identity Governance and higher.A common problem that end-users encounter is not knowing what to request for. This asset solves the problem by enabling an end-user to see the access available to a peer group of users or a specific user or users who report to a manager. The peer group is based on commonly used identity attributes such as title, job code, department.