Standing with the people of Ukraine

Oracle stands with the people of Ukraine and against the unlawful attack by Russia on their country. At the onset of the conflict, we moved quickly to support our colleagues and customers in the region and relief efforts on the ground.

Ukraine Peace Prize

Oracle proudly received the Ukraine Peace Prize from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, given on behalf of the Ukrainian people, that expressed their gratitude for the support the company and our employees have provided during this pivotal time in Ukraine’s history.

Supporting the people of Ukraine

Through our philanthropy, we’re supporting organizations working on the ground to help the people of Ukraine. Oracle donated US$1 million to four relief organizations: the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), International Medical Corps, and World Central Kitchen, all of which are helping to relieve suffering and save lives by providing emergency medical services, food, and shelter to those in need. Oracle employees worldwide gave generously too, and with Oracle’s 1-to-1 match, we raised another US$1 million to support these organizations.

Aiding affected employees

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Oracle provided affected employees with financial assistance, evacuation and relocation support, accommodations both within and outside of Ukraine, travel services, and around-the-clock emergency support. Beyond this, employees around the world donated to Oracle Cares, our employee assistance fund that supports colleagues in need. In fiscal year 2022, our colleagues donated more than US$293,000.

Using Oracle technology for good

Furthering our support for the people of Ukraine, we’ve deployed our technology to make an impact where the need is greatest. We provided technology and pro bono consulting to the Norwegian Refugee Council and UNHCR to help them implement cloud-based solutions, enabling both organizations to streamline their operations and focus on the growing refugee crisis on the ground. We also offered our technology and cybersecurity capabilities to the government of Ukraine at no cost and suspended all billing to our Ukrainian customers to help ensure their continued access to our products and services.

Employees making a difference

Our employees have been taking action to support the Ukrainian cause from the very beginning of the conflict. Oracle Volunteers across Europe, including Germany, Poland, and Romania, have helped colleagues find shelter in neighboring countries, assisted with evacuations, and donated food, clothing, water, and learning materials for children and families in need. Employees continue to volunteer and organize efforts to assist the people of Ukraine.

Photo credits: 1. and 2. World Central Kitchen; 4. Norwegian Refugee Council. All other images copyright Oracle.