Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Advanced Services for Oracle Database Appliance

Key Features

  • Preproduction Readiness Services, including critical patches and updates, using proven methodologies and recommended practices
  • Production Optimization Services, including configuration reviews and performance reviews to analyze existing systems
  • Monitoring and Support Services provided by a team of Advanced Support Engineers and managed by a Technical Account Manager

Key Benefits

  • Rapid ROI. Rapid deployment for faster ROI
  • High Availability. Helps ensure system uptime with mission-critical support for your complex IT environment
  • Optimized Performance. Continuously optimize performance with regular reviews and advice
  • Reduced Risk. Use Oracle Database Appliance technology to reduce risks and achieve the service levels demanded by your business

Technologies Covered

  • Oracle Database Appliance Engineered System hardware
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Database 11g, 12c, 19c, 21c

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The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is a complete infrastructure solution for running Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environments. Oracle Advanced Customer Services offers a complete portfolio of services for your specific business requirements covering all lifecycle phases of your Oracle Database Appliance environment.

When integrating the Oracle Database Appliance into your environment, Oracle Advanced Customer Services offers installation and configuration services that utilize Oracle recommended practices and proven methodologies. Additional well-defined, fixed-scope, and fixed-price services are available to help you ensure preproduction readiness and drive continuous optimization during production.

Preproduction Readiness Services


Oracle Supportability Planning and Design

Oracle analyzes your design configuration requirements and creates your deployment specification plans for implementing enterprise solutions for, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) for additional applications
  • Oracle Database Appliance Backup and Recovery

Oracle Standard System Installation

Comprehensive, standard system hardware installation including: site audit, installation and configuration planning documentation, hardware, network, and operating system functionality validation and testing

Oracle Software Installation and Configuration

Oracle installs new system software using Oracle recommended practices and tracks configuration changes. This service provides complete testing, validation, and documentation.

Sample activities:

  • Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle VM for additional applications
  • Oracle Database Appliance Backup and Recovery

Oracle Preproduction Readiness Review

Reviews supportability and readiness of your deployment approach, including review of your migration, backup, and test plans. This service assists with setup of Oracle Configuration Manager and Oracle support tools, such as Auto Service Request

Oracle Go-Live Support

Oracle Technical Account Manager reviews go-live plan and conducts an operational readiness review. Support includes a focused review of business and project KPIs.

Oracle Advanced Support Knowledge Workshop

Technology knowledge session to provide you with tailored information on an Oracle product or technology. The workshop is useful for planning future system deployments or to review recommended practices for maximizing availability of existing systems.

Production Optimization Services


Oracle Engineered System Quarterly Patch Deployment Service

The Oracle Engineered System Quarterly Patch Deployment Service delivers a proactive patch deployment process to ensure your Oracle Engineered Systems are optimally maintained. Oracle performs a high-level check of your system’s configuration profile to identify known configuration issues. Oracle support engineers then generate a standardized report of findings based on Oracle’s recommended practices. Oracle implements the required updates up to four times per year in a unified and proactive manner across all system components.

Oracle Configuration Review and Recommendations

Analyzes current environment and establishes target system configuration based on customer operational objectives and relevant Oracle recommended practices. Oracle performs gap analysis, identifies risks using Oracle diagnostic tools and knowledge, and delivers final findings report.

Areas to be reviewed can include:

  • Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle VM
  • Oracle Database Appliance Backup and Recovery

Tailored Assistance from an Oracle Advanced Support Engineer

Sample activities:

  • Oracle Database transition
  • Virtualization configuration with Oracle VM
  • Backup environment integration with RMAN and tape
  • Additional storage device configuration with Network File System (NFS)
  • External storage network integration
  • Cisco IOS Switches
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager configuration
  • Redundancy implementation with Data Guard

Monitoring and Mission-Critical Support


Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution

24/7 monitoring and resolution services to help maximize uptime of mission-critical environments, drive continuous system optimization, and increase the efficiency of your IT resources.

Oracle Solution Support Center

Advanced level of support to assist with the optimization of the ongoing lifecycle for your environment through a designated support team with 24/7 hotline and understanding of the customer requirement. The center includes Priority Service Request handling, proactive advice, regular patch, and performance reviews, as well as preventative services.

Oracle Priority Support

Provides a Technical Account Manager who has knowledge of your IT environment, business, and timelines, and who proactively manages problem resolution and escalations. Support includes priority Service Request handling for faster response and resolution times.

Oracle Advanced Database Support

24/7 Oracle Database fault monitoring, proactive database patch advisory, health checks, database security compliance reporting, and remote patch deployment. A Technical Account Manager provides periodic checkpoints and guidance.

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