Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Oracle Database Upgrade Service

Key Features

  • End-to-end service management
  • Upgrade planning
  • Impact analysis
  • Test upgrade deployment
  • Production upgrade deployment
  • Handover of production ready Oracle Database 19c

Key Benefits

  • Safe and comprehensive upgrade to Oracle Database 19c
  • Gains in operational efficiency
  • Accelerated adoption of Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database

Covered deployment models

  • Oracle Database on-premises and on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Exadata on-premises and in cloud deployments
  • Oracle Autonomous Database

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Oracle Database 19c is a “long term support” release that provides highest stability and planning reliability combined with exciting new features enabling increased operational efficiency and a seamless transition to Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Database. Customers can reduce cost and accelerate innovation when they upgrade their existing databases from older versions.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services provides comprehensive upgrade packages, delivered by experienced Oracle resources, for a fast and safe upgrade to Oracle Database 19c.

Unlock the Value of Oracle Database 19c

Today, organizations are facing the need to manage an exploding volume of data with fewer resources. A database landscape with multiple versions can cause additional complexity and maintenance effort and may no longer provide the technical capabilities needed to support elevated business requirements.

Oracle Database 19c provides customers with a high-performance, reliable, and secure platform to modernize, easily and cost-effectively, their transactional and analytical workloads either in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid cloud configuration. Additionally, it is the foundation for new Oracle Autonomous Database optimizations.

However, upgrading to a new database version is not an everyday task. It requires focus and experience to proactively detect and mitigate potential risk areas, and to facilitate business continuity during and after the upgrade process. Getting it right the first time can save time, cost, and labor.

Safe and Fast Upgrade Delivered by Database Experts

Oracle Advanced Customer Services resources have unmatched experience in Oracle databases. They have delivered countless upgrades around the world in complex, mission-critical environments.

Oracle Database Upgrade Service provides:

  • Upgrade within the same system from Oracle Database 11gR2 and above to Oracle Database 19c through extensive planning and testing
  • Fast access to the technical capabilities of Oracle Database 19c through accelerated time to production
  • Additional cost savings and efficiency through experienced database management optimization
  • Comprehensive service package from planning to production, with end-to-end governance by an experienced Oracle Technical Account Manager

Oracle Database Upgrade Service Includes:



Upgrade planning

  • End-to-end service delivery management and guidance by an experienced Technical Account Manager
  • Configuration review
  • Readiness planning workshop
  • Upgrade planning report

Impact analysis

  • Database performance review
  • Database patch review
  • Impact analysis report

Deployment of upgraded non-production environment

Deployment of upgraded production deployment

  • Upgrade non-production environment to Oracle Database 19c
  • Application of pertinent post-upgrade patches
  • Testing including assistance and guidance on performance, functionality, volume, stress, backup, and recovery
  • Upgrade production environment to Oracle Database 19c
  • Application of critical patches as identified in impact analysis
  • Testing of Oracle Database 19c production environment
  • Handover of fully tested and operational Oracle Database 19c to users

Go-Live assistance

  • Establish Go-Live assistance plan
  • Provide up to three (3) continuous eight (8) hour days of support during go-live

Service packages are available for multiple database scenarios at a fixed price and scope, without the risk of unexpected project delays and additional costs.

Oracle Upgrade Support for Oracle Database Packages:

Monitoring and Support Services for Engineered Systems Delivered by Oracle Advanced Customer Services


Small package



Medium package



Large package



* An Oracle home is the system context in which Oracle products run.

The service can be delivered as per customers’ preference: Onsite at the customer’s data center, remotely from an Oracle Expertise Center, or in a combination of both.

Embrace the Full Potential of Your Oracle Database Investment

This offering is part of a comprehensive portfolio of services by Oracle Advanced Customer Services for stability, high performance, and business continuity of Oracle databases. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has global expertise in managing business critical infrastructure, and database and application workloads—keeping hybrid and multicloud businesses running smoothly. Partner with Oracle Advanced Customer Services to help run and maintain your Oracle Database workloads while your IT team focuses on innovation and moving your business forward.

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