Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Advanced Services for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Key Features

  • Services covering the entire lifecycle of your Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Safe and efficient workload transition
  • Proactive and preventative services
  • Focus on supportability from the start to ensure down-stream success
  • Delivery by senior Oracle Advanced Support Engineers with many years of experience in Oracle products

Key Benefits

  • Integration of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance into your datacenter environment
  • Fast time to production of your Oracle Private Cloud Appliance workloads
  • Risk reduction
  • Efficient and secure management
  • Enabling your IT team to operate your virtual machines on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with confidence, achieving the service levels demanded by your business

Technologies Covered

  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is an integrated infrastructure system designed for rapid and simple deployment of private cloud at an industry-leading price point. Whether customers are running Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance supports consolidation for a wide range of mixed workloads in medium-to-large sized data centers.

Full Lifecycle Support

When integrating Oracle Private Cloud Appliance into your data center, Oracle Advanced Customer Services provides services spanning across all lifecycle phases from plan and design, build and deploy, to operate and maintain. With a designated support team, proactive guidance, and preventative services, we help you rapidly gain the business benefits that Oracle Private Cloud Appliance offers.

Plan and Design


Oracle Supportability Planning and Design

Oracle analyzes your design configuration requirements and creates your deployment specification plans for implementing enterprise solutions.

Sample activities:

  • PCA base system

Oracle Consolidation Planning Service

Analysis and assistance to identify optimal consolidation and deployment scenarios based on your current configurations, workloads, and security requirements.

Sample activities:

  • Analysis of business and technical compatibility of critical database systems
  • Assistance in modeling optimal database deployment scenarios including workloads (+20 days) and configuration

Actionable recommendations and easy-to-read reports

Build and Deploy


Oracle Software Installation and Configuration

For Private Cloud at Customer management and workloads, Oracle installs new system software using Oracle recommended practices and tracks configuration changes. Provides complete testing, validation, and documentation.

Sample activities:

  • Oracle PCA Advanced Configuration
  • Oracle PCA Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle VM Disaster and Recovery with Site Guard
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Replication
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance (Cloudera Data Platform)
  • Cisco IOS Switches
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager configuration
  • Oracle VM Template configuration

Oracle Advanced Support Knowledge Workshop

Technology workshop sessions to provide you with tailored information on Oracle Cloud technology and services. Oracle Advanced Support Engineers can deliver the functional and technical knowledge, analysis, and recommendations to help your IT team become more proficient with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

Sample activities:

  • Self-service administration process and tools
  • Change management process and tools
  • Incident management process and tools
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager tools

Oracle Configuration Review and Recommendations

Analysis of your current environment and establishment of target workload configuration based on your operational objectives and relevant Oracle recommendations. Gap analysis, risk identification, and report of findings.

Sample areas of review:

  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Oracle Java workloads
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Operate and Maintain


Oracle Quarterly Patch Deployment

Proactive patch deployment process to ensure your Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is optimally maintained.

Sample activities:

  • Review and analyze patch inventory
  • Analyze recommended patches to identify gaps and potential conflicts
  • Review findings and secure approvals
  • Request merge patches as needed
  • Perform/Assist with deployment of those patches

Oracle Priority Support for Systems

A fast path to issue resolution with priority service request handling. In addition, a Technical Account Manager (TAM) can provide expert guidance and proactive problem resolution.

Oracle Solution Support Center

Delivers a personalized level of support through a 24/7 dedicated hotline and a designated Oracle Support team and Technical Account Manager. With a deep understanding of your business and technical environment, the team delivers ongoing proactive advice, regular patch and performance reviews, and preventative services.

Oracle Managed Applications Unlimited

Provides complete 24/7 lifecycle management of Oracle applications on Oracle PaaS and IaaS to help you run your application workloads at the highest productivity, security, and cost efficiency.

Sample activities:

  • Industry leading SLAs
  • Critical business transaction monitoring enabled by a cloud automation platform with solution governance oversight
  • Disaster recovery

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