2014 Sustainability Innovation Award Winners

2015 Sustainability Innovation Award Winners

Jeff Henley, Oracle Executive Vice Chairman of the Board, and Jon Chorley, Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer, presented the 2015 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards to ten deserving customers at Oracle OpenWorld. This award recognizes the innovative use of Oracle technology to address global sustainability business challenges. The winning customers reduced their environmental footprint while also reducing costs using green business practices and Oracle technology.

“The Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards are about honoring customers who are committed to making environmental issues a priority across the enterprise,” said Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Product Strategy, Oracle. “This year’s award winners showcased unique ways to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies through innovative green practices. We are thrilled to support their eco-transformation and sustainability success.”

As the top nominee, Dillard Myers, VP, Global Service Logistics and Operations at Cisco Systems received Oracle’s 2015 Chief Sustainability Officer of the Year award. Cisco believes that technology can help us work, live, play, and learn in new and more sustainable ways. Cisco is using technology and innovating to address environmental challenges, reduce its own impact, and help customers reduce theirs.

Winners hail from a wide range of industries and regions. Several of the winning customers chose to include a partner who helped support their sustainability initiatives. The winning nominations were selected by a panel of 5 judges. 3 judges are from Oracle. The other 2 judges include Heli Helskyaho: CEO Miracle Finland Oy and Oracle ACE Director and Kathleen Schwille: Vice President, Curriculum, Education and Children’s Media, and Executive Director, National Geographic Education Foundation.

The winning companies are:
  • Cisco Systems
  • Balfour Beatty Construction
  • Unilever Supply Chain Company AG
  • Bank Asya
  • Companhia Docas de São Sebastião
  • Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations
  • Impulse Info Systems
  • The National Agricultural Development Company
  • Skanska Ab
  • Sundrop Farms
  • USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub
The winning partners are:
  • Pincvision
  • APPSolve
  • Memora Processos Inovadores
  • Raqmiyat