Download Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit Version 6.1.0

January 2019

Oracle JET provides a command line interface to help create a new application for you. To install and create an Oracle JET application, install Node.js (LTS release recommended) on your local machine and then run the following commands from a console window:

npm install -g @oracle/ojet-cli 

Change to the directory that you want to create your application in and type:

ojet create <app name> --template=navdrawer

This will create an application using the Oracle JET Web Starter Template, NavDrawer.
NOTE: When installing npm packages globally on a Mac, you may need to use the "sudo" command.

As an alternative, if you would like to download and start from a .zip file, the following files are also available:

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  Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit : Base Distribution
  Web Starter Template - Basic
  Web Starter Template - NavDrawer
  Web Starter Template - NavBar
  FixItFast: Sample Application showing full single-page functionality for Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit
  Webpack Plugin for Oracle JET

If you are working with TypeScript as your primary language, you can use the Type Definitions available for all of JET UI and framework features. The starter templates below provide a starting structure for working with JET and TypeScript. After downloading the Starter Template, unzip it into an empty folder and read the README.txt file for instructions on how to setup and run the template project. Please visit the JET TypeScript API Documentation for details on how to work with JET in TypeScript.

  JET TypeScript Starter Template - Web NavBar

The following libraries are presented for archival purposes only. These libraries should be installed via the appropriate NPM or Cordova tools. Downloading from this location will not provide proper installation. Please visit the Oracle GitHub pages for details on how to use the below libraries.

  Cordova Plugin : EMM App Config
  Cordova Plugin : WKWebView File XHR
  Oracle JET Tooling : ESLint config
  Oracle JET Tooling : OJET CLI
  Oracle JET Tooling : Grunt utility library
  Oracle JET Tooling : Generator library
  Oracle JET Tooling : core library