Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 6u71 release:

Bug Id   Category Sub-Category Description
7151427  client-libs 2d Potential memory leak in error handling code in X11SurfaceData.c
8007642  client-libs 2d Media Names on Java Print Do Not Match the Printer’s and Confuse Users
8020457  client-libs 2d Fontmatrix for Type1 fonts is not used correctly
8005607  client-libs java.awt Recursion in J2DXErrHandler() Causes a Stack Overflow on Linux
7195106  client-libs java.beans REGRESSION : There is no way to get Icon inf, once Softreference is released
8023565  client-libs javax.imageio JPG causes javax.imageio.IIOException: ICC APP2 encoutered without prior JFIF!
8016833  client-libs javax.swing Underlines and strikethrough not rendering correctly
8023392  client-libs javax.swing Swing text components printed with spaces between chars
7123493  core-libs java.lang:reflect (proxy) Proxy.getProxyClass doesn't scale under high load
6660405  core-libs java.net HttpURLConnection returns the wrong InputStream
6346658  core-libs java.nio (se) Selector briefly spins when asynchronously closing a registered channel [win]
6429910  core-libs java.nio (fc) FileChannel.lock() IOException: Bad file number, not AsynchronousCloseException
6543863  core-libs java.nio (fc) FileLock.release can deadlock with FileChannel.close
8027370  core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2013h
7017458  core-libs java.util:i18n (cal) Multithreaded deserialization of Calendar leads to ClassCastException
8023563  core-libs java.util:i18n Bottleneck in java.util.TimeZone.getDefaultInAppContext
8029851  deploy deployment_toolkit Beginning w/ 6u65, signed oracle applet is refused to run with security warning.
8016225  deploy plugin The behavior after System.exit() is different between JRE 1.7_21 and JRE 1.7_17
8020453  deploy webstart Java web start can loose deployment customization if both 32 and 64 are installed
7112413  hotspot gc JVM Crash, possibly GC-related
6900441  hotspot runtime PlatformEvent.park(millis) on Linux could still be affected by changes to the time-of-day clock
8025836  install   Renamed ancestor of obsolete packages must be marked obsolete
6930517  install install Java version returns Error Code with kernel bundle
8017263  install install Text overlaps on the java installer dialog
8017195  other-libs corba Introduce option to setKeepAlive parameter on CORBA sockets
8021257  other-libs corba com.sun.corba.se.** should be on restricted package list
8027943  other-libs corba serial version of com.sun.corba.se.spi.orbutil.proxy.CompositeInvocationHandlerImpl changed in 7u45
8028215  other-libs corba ORB.init fails with SecurityException if properties select the JDK default ORB
5036554  other-libs corba:idl unmarshal error on CORBA alias type in CORBA any
8013809  security-libs javax.net.ssl deadlock in SSLSocketImpl between between write and close
8024707  xml jaxp TransformerException : item() return null with node list of length != 1
8028111  xml jaxp XML readers share the same entity expansion counter
8029038  xml jaxp Revise fix for XML readers share the same entity expansion counter