Oracle Data Access Components - .NET Downloads

For Beginners

Getting started with .NET application development for Oracle Database? Download Oracle Visual Studio tools and ADO.NET data access provider. Choose the download by the Visual Studio version you use:

MSI Download ODAC for Visual Studio 2017
MSI Download ODAC for Visual Studio 2015
MSI Download ODAC for Visual Studio 2013

For Experienced Developers

Experienced developers may opt for unmanaged ODP.NET or they have more than one Visual Studio version installed. Download the Oracle Universal Installer ODAC version. If you prefer the ODAC MSI installer with managed ODP.NET only, choose one of the downloads from the beginners section.

Downloads for Experienced Developers ODAC - Oracle Universal Installer


IT administrators can deploy ODAC in a streamlined fashion using the install technology they are most familar with: xcopy, NuGet, or Oracle Universal Installer. Note the developer downloads above already include these runtime components.

Runtime Downloads ODAC Runtimes