Zoom selects Oracle as a cloud infrastructure provider for its core online meeting service

Zoom selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for its advantages in performance, scalability, reliability, and superior cloud security. Oracle’s pioneering use of off-box network virtualization removes the “hypervisor tax” common in first-generation clouds.


近來,我們經歷了有史以來最大的業務增長,因此需要大幅提高我們的服務能力。我們探索了多個平台,而 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 在幫助我們快速擴展能力和滿足新用戶需求方面發揮了重要作用。

Eric S.YuanZoom 執行長

Business challenges

In April, as working from home became a global health imperative, Zoom’s daily tally of meeting participants mushroomed to 300 million, up from 10 million in December. One reason for that growth spurt was that the company, founded in 2011 with a focus on business users, had begun supporting educators and students with a free tier for K–12 schools. Zoom becoming an essential service for enterprises further boosted its usage.

無論是職業或是個人生活上,視訊通訊已成為我們不可或缺的一部分,而 Zoom 則是引領該產業的創新。

Safra CatzOracle 執行長


In just nine hours, Oracle’s engineering team took Zoom from deployment to live production—with enough capacity to meet the surge of new users. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure initially supported hundreds of thousands of concurrent Zoom meeting participants. Within weeks, the number had grown to millions, and Zoom was able to smoothly scale to meet that need.

Already, Zoom is transferring upwards of seven petabytes (1015 bytes) through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure servers each day, roughly the same capacity in a day that would be needed to stream HD video for 93 years.

已發布:June 19, 2020