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Powering Connections To Customers Through Data as a Service
Reach Hearts and Minds

Connect deeply and effectively with your customers using our people, data and science.

Stop Settling for Personalisation

And start building real relationships.

Make your customers feel like you know what makes them tick – that you have a deep connection with them and that you care. Using data as a service (DaaS), we’ll make it happen by connecting you to the right customers, making every interaction personal and measuring effectiveness to prove success.

Target, Personalise, Measure and Win

Create More Meaningful Experiences

To target

We’ll help you hit your target.

How do you get better results? Target your marketing spend to the right consumers, all while cutting waste and driving efficiency. We can help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

To personalise

Make it personal.

Relevance is what resonates, what works – it’s your game changer. We’ll help you aggregate first-, second- and third-party data to power your programmes across multiple channels: digital, mobile, social, offline and TV.

To measure

Measure what matters.

Metrics help prove the success of your programmes and validate your strategic thinking. They show that your marketing plans are achieving your business goals. Stop focusing on impressions and start impressing your customers.

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Oracle Data Cloud Blog


Oracle Data Cloud Customer Success Stories

IDC Analyst David Schubmehl gives his perspective on six companies that successfully connect and engage with their customers using Oracle Data Cloud.

Pandora Charts Value for Advertisers on Oracle Data Cloud

We were really pleasantly surprised at the speed with which Oracle was able to make the data connections that we needed. ...Oracle’s ability to deliver targets against mobile ad identifiers has scaled our business dramatically.

—Brian Buizer, Senior Director, Audience Operations, Pandora
Four Data-Driven Marketing Take-Away Points from Kellogg Co.
Four Data-Driven Marketing Take-Away Points from Kellogg Co.
We’ve thrown this spaghetti against the wall a dozen times and it has stuck 11 times.
—Tracey Lewis, Digital and Ecommerce Analytics Lead, Kellogg Co.
Marketers Can Target Individuals Amid A Haystack Of Access Points
How Marketers Can Target Individuals Amid a Haystack Of Access Points
More than just matching cookies across sites, it's more than just matching devices, it's going cross-device, cross-publisher, cross-identification format and it unifies and provides that holistic view of the consumer.
—Cory Treffiletti, VP of Marketing and Partner Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud

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