Oracle Customer Experience Social Cloud

Engage Meaningfully
Engage Meaningfully

It’s time to meet your customers online. Discover how a unified engagement experience delivers the most powerful interactions with your social audience.

Oracle Social Cloud
Make Your Business Social

Leverage social media to grow your entire business. Use Oracle Social for better insights, better content, faster service and faster growth.

A Complete and Unified Social Relationship Management Platform
A Complete, Integrated Platform

SRM empowers brands to meet business goals with a complete social solution as well as integrations with key Oracle and third-party platforms.

Your Customers are Global
Your Customers are Global

Social is a global phenomenon. Social has broken down geographic barriers and extended your current and potential customer base internationally. Is your organisation prepared?

Delivering on the Promise of Social Business

Delivering on the Promise of Social Business

Is your organisation positioned to enable social across the enterprise? Successful companies will leverage social for marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, collaboration and more to connect with customers and establish a competitive advantage.

What is Social Cloud?

Oracle Social Cloud is a scalable, enterprise-ready social relationship management solution that empowers brands to leverage the power of social media across their organisations.

In today’s connected world, social media touches everything—from sales and marketing to customer service and product development. Businesses that use social relationship management (SRM) software effectively uncover customer insights that enable them to deliver relevant content and faster service across channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo. Social cloud tools allow brands to listen, create and engage at the speed of social with the consistency and transparency customers expect.

There is no one right way to use social media. Social cloud tools can enhance your marketing in all kinds of ways, including listening and monitoring, one-to-one engagement, content marketing, analytics—and everything in between.

Agile, cloud-based social tools can be quickly deployed to multiple groups within an organisation to reduce IT costs and complexity and include options for piping data in and out to integrate with other data systems.

You can easily add social media functionality to your existing IT investment. For example, Oracle Social Cloud integrates with Oracle and third-party systems for marketing automation, service automation, sales automation and commerce systems.


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Shift to Service


Social's Shift to Service
Latest trends in customer service on social channels.

Social media is quickly outpacing phone and email for customer service. Make sure your brand is ready to reach your customers where and when they engage with you on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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GM Uses Social
Grow Your Business with Social

Interacting with our customers everyday through multiple social channels absolutely drives incremental business to our dealers.

—David Mingle, Executive Director of Customer Experience, General Motors
Social Media Drives Business Results at NBC Sports
Social Media Drives Business Results

We see social media driving business results. What we are doing with Oracle Social Cloud has been a good return on investment for us.

—Mark Lazarus, Chairman, NBC Sports
Southwest Personalises Customer Experience with Customer Experience Social
Personalise Customer Experience
The challenge now is to go to the next step to make customer interactions more personalised.
—Kathleen Wayton, VP of Technology, Southwest Airlines

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