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Data Management Platform

Oracle Data Management Platform (formerly BlueKai)

Oracle DMP (formerly BlueKai) is the industry’s leading cloud-based big data platform that enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more-actionable information about targeted audiences.

Data Management Platform

Navigate Marketing in a Cookie-Constrained Future

Conversations around a cookie-constrained world are happening with more frequency and urgency among marketers, publishers, and agencies. We continue to inform and empower you to navigate this conversation, particularly as it pertains to 3rd party and 1st party data. Catch this informative on-demand webinar today!

Product Features

Unify your data and make it more actionable for campaigns across multiple devices. Use that data to drive personalization and contextualization that better engages and wins over targeted audiences with a platform that enables online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Analyze, Plan Campaigns by Device

  • Enhance Audience Segmentation: Understand audience composition by device and environment to increase the effectiveness of engagements.
  • Optimize Media Buys: Identify devices driving conversions and modify campaign strategies to focus the conversion points and eliminate wasted impressions. 
  • Increase Campaign Effectiveness: Personalize campaigns by device for relevant retargeting and prospecting, and manage advertising dollars by target environment.
Analyze, Plan Campaigns by Device

The Oracle ID Graph™ approach to identity

  • Deterministic and Probabilistic Data: Collected, correlated and corroborated in real time in a multidimensional way.
  • Scored Against Billions of Daily Online and Offline Events: To identify and utilize the freshest, most reliable and informed linkages available, at scale, for precise targeting.  
  • Benchmarked against Oracle Truth Sets: To validate the data against a subset of deterministic data, based on authoritative sources with a high degree of accuracy.
The Oracle ID Graph™ approach to identity

Open Digital Marketing Ecosystem

  • Activate Audiences Across 200 Media Partners:  The Oracle DMP is ready to pass audiences on day one to more than 200 partners.
  • Entirely Agnostic: Oracle facilitates flexible and seamless integration across our clients’ existing ad/mar‐tech ecosystem.
  • Actionable Data: Marketers and publishers can combine their data with the largest, built-in, 3rd Party data store with the Audience Data.
Open Digital Marketing Ecosystem

The Oracle DMP: Driving Insights and Scale Across the Digital Ecosystem.

In today’s complex digital ecosystem, marketers and publishers need easy access to more data to drive deeper insights and better personalization, no matter what device their customers might use. They also need to bring their data in and push their data out at scale.

With the Oracle ID Graph as the foundation, the Oracle DMP can stitch all these different ID sources together to provide better match and scale at bringing data in and delivering data out to the over 200 partner integrations.

Customer Stories

Team One logo

Team One Helps Automobile Manufacturer Unify Data to Drive Faster Buying Process

Team One Helps Automobile Manufacturer Unify Data to Drive Faster Buying Process
ESET logo

ESET Gains Control of Data and Fills Pipeline with Oracle

ESET partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud to tactfully identify and track user data in order to create active segments which the sales team can highly curated messages. In six months, ESET has increased their sales leads by 94% with Oracle Eloqua.
Morningstar logo

Morningstar Bolsters Data Structure with Oracle

Morningstar strengthens data configuration and governance with the help of Oracle Expert Services. Boosting sales enablement and better aligning with net support, Morningstar artfully maneuvers the Oracle Eloqua tool from the bottom-up.
Oracle BlueKai


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