Product Tour—Flex Operations and Operations Mobile Application

Extend effective grid management beyond the control room with remote working

Remote working

High-volume situations, such as storms and wildfires, put stress on centralized control room operations.

Oracle Utilities Operations Mobile Application and Oracle Utilities Network Management System Flex Operations alleviate control room strain by facilitating remote working.

Operations Mobile Application and Network Management System Flex Operations are designed to improve situational awareness and operational efficiency.

Operations Mobile Application—remove communication bottlenecks

Communication bottlenecks occur when crews can’t contact control room staff who are busy taking calls from other crews.

Operations Mobile Application lets trouble crews, switching crews, and damage assessors record network updates directly into Oracle Utilities Network Management System, without the need for verbal communication with control room staff.

Operations Mobile Application lets crews directly record network updates in real time

Operations Mobile Application-enabled crews receive, accept, and update outages and switching instructions directly via their mobile devices to

  • Eliminate call queuing
  • Make accurate and timely outage updates
  • Keep network models accurately reflecting the actual network state
  • Improve outage information accuracy
  • Reduce control room stress

Network Management System Flex Operations— alleviate workload bottlenecks

Workload bottlenecks can develop as dispatchers manage many more outages and multiple crews, especially in high-volume situations.

Network Management System Flex Operations enables occasional dispatchers to quickly and securely log on and help manage outages using their laptops from any location with an internet connection.

Network Management System Flex Operations supports outage management and switching

With Network Management System Flex Operations, remote dispatchers can quickly log on and help share the workload.

  • Dispatchers have fewer outages and crews to manage
  • Dispatchers have a better handle on their workloads
  • Dispatchers can more effectively allocate crews
  • Reductions in dispatcher workloads lead to less stress

Enable situational awareness when and where it’s needed most

  • Improve customer service
  • Support remote working
  • Increase workforce efficiency and effectiveness
  • Leverage the use of staff’s current devices
  • Significantly reduce IT costs

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