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Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition

Full-functioned Version for the Academic Community

Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition is a full-functioned version of our software that is available for the academic community. This solution includes Oracle Crystal Ball and the Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer—an option for Oracle Crystal Ball that adds optimization and substantial processing speed to the power of Monte Carlo simulation. Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition is offered in both a Student and a Faculty option.

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    A comprehensive set of teaching resources at affordable rates for faculty and students.

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    Flexible Excel platform for risk analysis across any enterprise- assess financial, process, or product risks.

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    Know what factors matter most with Sensitivity Analysis.

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    Optimize constrained resources, while accounting for future uncertainty.

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    Indentify trends and seasonality in historical data for improved forecast accuracy.

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    Spend less time on simulations and more on analysis of results with Extreme Speed.

Student Edition
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Student Edition is a full-functioned, self-expiring, term-limited edition of Oracle Crystal Ball software for classrooms, with options for one- and two- year license terms.
  • This version is identical to the commercial products, with the advantage of being affordably priced for academic budgets.
  • Minimum purchase is 25 seats.
  • Technical support is not available.
Faculty Edition
  • Oracle Crystall Ball Classroom Faculty Edition is a full-functioned, non-expiring edition of Oracle Crystal Ball software, designed specifically for university and college faculty members.
  • This version is identical to the commercial products, with the advantage of being affordably priced for faculty budgets.
  • Technical support is available.
  • Low cost
  • Full functionality
  • Easily accessible
  • Think in ranges
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Optimize
  • Output charts and tables
  • Affordably priced for faculty budgets
  • Comprehensive set of teaching resources
  • Use it for both remote and classroom use
  • Get the full picture in the face of an uncertain future
  • Determine which inputs most drive risk and mitigate your risks
  • Take uncertainty and constraints into account while you search for the best solution
  • Effectively display and communicate your risk analysis results

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