Electronic Document Management System

Customer Communications Management for the Digital Age

Empower your organization to communicate with your customers through whichever device suits them best, at any given time, to provide a superior customer experience with an electronic document management system.

Document automation—The new standard for enterprises

Oracle Documaker is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) system and the most widely-used Enterprise Document Automation (EDA) solution in the market. Documaker dynamically creates, manages, and delivers enterprise communications to customers and stakeholders, when and how they want them—whether by print, email, text messaging, social media, or any other format. A rules-driven documents management software, Oracle Documaker automates documents, improving communications and customer service while achieving higher levels of efficiency and reduced cost.

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Communications That Transform Your Business

Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition is an enterprise documents management system that enables enterprises to dynamically create, manage, publish, and deliver adaptive enterprise content throughout the business lifecycle. It offers a cost-effective way to address the design, production, and multi-channel delivery of a broad spectrum of documents management, from highly structured transactional documents delivered in high-volume batch to highly personalized, interactive correspondence delivered on demand.

Documaker Interactive

Rules-based configurability, content library and embedded workflow accelerate collaboration when creating correspondence.

Documaker Document Factory

Dashboards, analytics, reporting and administrative console improves visibility and control of document production.

Improves efficiency and resource management through better insight into document production costs and processes.

Microsoft Word® Add-In

Enables easy creation of documents using familiar authoring software.

Empowers business users to create and customize content faster, minimizing reliance on IT.

Documaker Design Studio

Provides a user-friendly design tool for the creation of document templates and much more.

Powerful recipient handling

Enables one-to-one and one-to-many delivery options.

Empower Business Users with Easy to Use Authoring and Design Tools

Oracle Documaker Standard Edition is a documents management system that dynamically creates, manages and delivers enterprise communications—when and how customers and stakeholders want them. The documents management software includes the Word plug-in that enables business users to easily create content using familiar software, while IT can still leverage the power of the Documaker Studio design tool to maintain these documents. Documaker helps companies create and deliver rich, compliant, consistent communications.

Multi channel delivery

Rapid delivery of content in your customers' preferred output methods, including 14 print streams along with SMS, HTML, PDF, RTF and much more.

Deliver all documents to all channels using all systems

Based on open standards and integrates easily into today's service-oriented architecture environments.

Integrates with any type of system across the enterprise from core solutions, such as billing, to CRM and content management solutions.

Powerful recipient handling

Enables one-to-one and one-to-many delivery options.

Conversion tools

Provides a user-friendly design tool for the creation of document templates and much more.

Eases migration from legacy systems, while helping preserve the data and logic of your documents.

Powerful recipient handling

Enables one-to-one and one-to-many delivery options.

Adaptable publishing processes

Quickly create and assemble compliant documents in structured, interactive and on-demand formats for delivery with batch, near-real time or real time delivery.

Communications That Transform Your Business

Enables businesses to use content and business rules created for paper-style output in new device-responsive documents designed for delivery to mobile devices.

Responsive Output

Deliver content in a device-aware, responsive format concurrently with traditional delivery.

Shared Business Rules

Use existing business rules for print-based content selection to control content selected for mobile delivery.

Managed Content

Reformat print-based content into a device- responsive document for delivery to mobile devices.

Documaker Design Studio

Provides a user-friendly design tool for the creation of document templates and much more.

Web Standards

Design and style documents designed for mobile delivery that inherit your existing web branding.

Read the data sheet: Oracle Documaker Mobile (PDF)

FEBRUARY 13, 2022

Running Documaker Interactive in MS Edge with IE Mode

Nile Pillai, Consulting Technical Manager

You’re probably aware that Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer (“IE”) this year and Microsoft recommends using Edge in IE Mode for applications that require IE. You may be wondering, “Ok, but what does this have to do with Documaker?” If your Documaker solution contains Documaker…

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