Innovate with cloud native and AI

Cloud native architectures and modern technologies, such as microservices, Kubernetes, API management, serverless, and more, have transformed the way we design, develop, and ship software. Increasingly, modern cloud native apps are being infused with AI capabilities, improving business efficiencies and enabling new use cases and experiences for customers.

Cloud native and AI are at the core of your next software innovation. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides the fastest time to value for any organization looking to innovate by building modern apps and future-proof for the next evolution in digital transformation by easily infusing them with AI—without having to be an expert.

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Everything you need to build cloud native apps

With comprehensive managed services—across containers, serverless, APIs, DevOps, and more—along with full support for open source and an integrated ecosystem, OCI enables teams to quickly design and deploy new container-based microservices, enhance existing applications with modern capabilities, and continuously innovate with new technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and more.

Containers, Kubernetes, and Functions

With OSS-based managed services fully integrated with your CI/CD, OCI enables you to package, deploy, run, and scale containerized applications more efficiently—at 3X better cost performance.

Container Engine for Kubernetes

A managed Kubernetes service with advanced security, high performance, and an option for a serverless experience with Virtual Nodes.

Container Instances

A serverless compute service that enables you to run containers easily and quickly without managing any infrastructure.


Create, run, and scale event-driven applications without managing any infrastructure. Pay only for compute time used during function execution.

Service Mesh

Secure, observe, and connect your microservices with no application code changes.

Container Registry

Securely store, manage, and share container images, with a familiar Docker CLI and API interface. Built-in security scanning and image signing.

Observability and Management

APM, logging, monitoring, ML-driven insights enable end-to-end visibility and management.

Everything you need for modern services communication

Based on OpenAPI, CloudEvents, STOMP, and other OSS standards, OCI offers comprehensive services for creating, consuming, securing, and managing the lifecycle of everything needed for microservices to communicate with each other.

Design and publish APIs

Collaborate on prototyping, developing, testing, and validating APIs based on the OpenAPI framework and securely expose and monitor them via API Gateway.

API Gateway

Managed, HA, API frontend gateway for deploying, operating, securing, and monetizing API services.

Serverless APIs

Eliminate the need for infrastructure operations or over-provisioning with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Functions triggered on demand to connect to APIs.

Events and Notifications

CloudEvents-compatible resource changes can trigger functions, write to streams, or send email, SMS, or other webhooks notifications.

Streaming with Kafka

Real-time, serverless, Kafka-compatible event streaming for developers and data scientists. Pay as you go with zero-cost data movement between cloud services.


A serverless messaging service for securely autoscaling asynchronous, guaranteed message delivery. OCI Queue can send and receive messages using REST and STOMP endpoints.

AI services and modern data solutions to power your next innovation

With serverless data, ML, and AI services—running on the most optimal data and AI infrastructure—OCI enables you to free your data across systems and services to support new use cases and unlock new value streams.

AI developer services

Quickly enhance your apps with AI by leveraging easy to consume pretrained and customizable models—no AI experience necessary.

Digital Assistant

Add chatbots to your website, mobile apps, and business applications.


Sophisticated text analysis at scale—including sentiment analysis, key-phrase extraction, and classification.


Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and highly accurate transcription of audio/video files across languages.


Use computer vision to detect visual anomalies, automatically classify images, extract text from docs, and more.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection models flag critical incidents for sensor data processing, fraud detection, and more.


Time-series forecasts using ML and statistical algorithms predict demand, budget, revenue, and resources.

Modern data solutions designed for developers


Based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric, Oracle’s managed service enables you to quickly provision a private, secure, preassembled blockchain network with a shared distributed ledger.

Data Science

End-to-end ML service enables data scientists to build, train, and manage ML models using their favorite open source frameworks and tools.

MySQL HeatWave

Elastic MySQL Database service that combines transactions, analytics and in-database ML all in one. Automated operations and high performance 7X faster than RDS or Snowflake at a fraction of the cost.

Autonomous Database

Serverless, high-performant Oracle Database service that runs all workloads, including OLTP, analytics, batch, JSON, Internet of Things (IoT), and more.


Predictable single-digit millisecond performance at scale, suitable for applications with dynamic I/O rate or for serverless applications. Schema and schemaless data models are both supported.

From dev to production: DevOps, CI/CD, and application development

With out-of-the-box AppDev and modern DevOps services, OCI customers accelerate developer onboarding, ongoing development, and application delivery cycles. The open platform offers full support for open source, third-party technologies, and ecosystem tools, providing you the flexibility to plug in and run whatever you need, ensuring portability, extendibility, seamless operations, and lowest TCO.

DevOps CI/CD

Run declarative serverless CI/CD pipelines to automate your end-to-end delivery. Includes secure deployments to private resources and advanced deployment strategies, such as canary, rolling, and more.

Resource Manager

Automate infrastructure as code with Terraform as a service.

Native Dev environment

Plug in your existing Dev tools or use the built-in Code repository, Container Registry, Artifact Repository, Code Editor, Cloud Shell, and more.

Low-code development

Use APEX or Visual Builder Studio to enable non-developers to easily extend Oracle business applications, build mobile apps, or add a GUI on top of databases.

Integrated ecosystem

Connect the tools you’re already using: GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible, Rancher, EFK, Spinnaker, and more. Use our IDE plugins for Visual Studio, Eclipse, and more, and OCI’s providers and operators for VMware Tanzu, Azure, Pulumi, and others.

Work how you like

Developers and DevOps engineers can work with OCI’s REST APIs, CLI, SDKs, Cloud Shell, or via the intuitive GUI.

Java—reimagined for modern microservices

Oracle is known for Java. OCI offers the best support, out-of-the-box management capabilities, and enhanced performance for modernizing Java applications. You can use OpenJDK, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Helidon, and other lightweight frameworks to build modern apps.

High-performance Java—free on OCI

Java applications running on OCI benefit from Oracle GraalVM at no cost. Oracle GraalVM provides patented optimizations on top of the open source GraalVM for an additional performance boost for both modern microservices and existing Java applications.

High performance Java

OCI includes Oracle GraalVM Edition’s patented optimizations to accelerate performance for modern microservices or existing Java applications. Take advantage of the high performance JDK on OCI at no additional cost.

Free Java SE

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Java SE subscription, available for free on OCI.

WebLogic Server for OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes

Deploy your Java EE environment on OCI, including WebLogic Server on Kubernetes.

Java Management Service

Single pane of glass to manage large-scale Java environments for performance, security, and compliance.

GraalVM and Graal Cloud Native

High performance OpenJDK and Java SE that’s optimal for microservices and cloud deployments, with prebuilt integration to cloud services.

Micronaut and Helidon

Lightweight Java microservice application frameworks.


Enables caching for even faster performance.


All-in-one Java troubleshooting tool.

Customers innovating with cloud native on OCI

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Why customers choose OCI for accelerating innovation with cloud native and AI

Improve developer speed and productivity

  • Pretrained AI and advanced data services that are easy to consume.

  • Based on open source with full support for cloud native technologies.

  • Open ecosystem and built-in integrations provide flexibility to use any language, stack, or tool.

  • Easy-to-use managed services, fully integrated across the stack and with your CI/CD.

Ensure reliable operations and optimal cost performance

  • Secured by default, with no extra charge or management overhead.

  • Flexible, granular shapes across VMs, Kubernetes, bare metal, HPC, GPU, and Arm.

  • Shared data, autonomous operations, and ultra-low-latency networking provide optimal infrastructure for AI.

  • Designed for multicloud with consistent operations and usage-based pricing.

Better performance, superior pricing, and lowest TCO

As a second-generation cloud, OCI ensures that modern apps—including AI and data-driven, I/O intensive apps—run in a way that makes business sense, at scale. On average, customers save more than 40% when running on OCI.

See how 8x8 saves 80% in egress costs and an over 25% performance increase.

8x8 saves 80%in egress costs, sees +25% performance increase
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