Sovereign Cloud

Meet your requirements for location, access, data residency, and operational controls without compromising cloud services, SLAs, or pricing with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solutions for sovereignty.

Sovereign cloud—Oracle meets you where you are

Achieving sovereignty requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your organization and where it operates, you may have different needs in different locations. OCI offers flexible solution options built off the same platform. Get the same cloud services, APIs, and SLAs at the same price point, regardless of whether you need to achieve compliance in the public cloud, have completely isolated lights-out operations, or accommodate any scenario in between.

OCI cloud sovereignty spectrum diagram, description below
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a broad set of solutions that meets you where you are. Whether you're sovereignty needs are to Comply with local data privacy and security laws, to Restrict access and operations, to Restrict data and operational information flows, or to Operate isolated from others or the internet, Oracle has solutions for you. Oracle's sovereign solutions consist of OCI Public Cloud Regions, which enables you to access many regions in many countries; Oracle Dedicated Region, which allows you to Operate in your own data centers; Oracle Alloy, which enables a full cloud solution to be branded and operated by partners; EU Sovereign Cloud, which enables you to meet sovereignty needs in a shared cloud space; Government Cloud, which allows you to meet government requirements; and Isolated Cloud, which enables you to operate disconnect from the internet. All of these solutions are built with the same common foundation principles, including: Common base compliance and security for all services in all deployments, Self-contained operating model for every region, Technical portability and software independence, Standardized tooling and process applied across all deployments, Services designed to scale up and engineered to be operated by others. All of this is built upon a Consistent OCI architecture, services, experience, and value across all deployments.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s sovereign cloud solutions

  • EU Sovereign Cloud

    Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud offers more than 100 of the same services as Oracle’s public cloud. These are physically separated cloud regions located and operated entirely within the European Union and aligned with EU standards of practice.

    Learn more about EU Sovereign Cloud
  • Government Cloud

    Oracle Cloud operates government cloud regions that are isolated from commercial customers. Designed for public sector agencies in the United States, UK, and Australia, the regions meet data sovereignty requirements for public sector while offering same set of services, support, and billing as OCI’s public cloud.

    Learn more about Government Cloud
  • Dedicated Region

    An independent, complete cloud region in a customer-defined data center, with both data and control planes on-premises to meet data residency and low-latency requirements.

    Learn more about Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer
  • Isolated cloud

    Secure, air-gapped regions designed to meet the highest demands of global customers’ mission-critical classified workloads.

    Learn more about Isolated cloud
  • OCI public cloud regions

    Oracle Cloud spans more than 35 interconnected commercial regions across 24 countries. The multiple geographically separated regions within one country provide more control over data residency for customers to achieve local compliance and implement disaster recovery.

    Learn more about OCI public cloud regions
  • Oracle Alloy

    Oracle Alloy enables partners to become in-country cloud providers and offer a robust cloud ecosystem to their local customers while fulfilling digital sovereignty and regulatory compliance requirements.

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TEAM IM Selects Oracle Alloy to Build New Zealand’s First Locally Owned and Operated Hyperscale Cloud

The TEAM Cloud platform provides more than 100 OCI services, enabling New Zealand organizations to meet regulatory and sovereignty requirements.

Sovereign cloud use cases

Due to the increasing pressure from industry and regional regulators and geopolitical events, sovereignty in the cloud has become an important consideration not only for the public sector but also for private enterprises.

Compliant cloud for winning customer trust

Organizations proactively prioritizing compliance gain a competitive edge and build a reputation for trustworthiness and ethical operations. All Oracle Cloud services are designed to meet various compliance standards and the highest levels of security—all the way up to Top Secret levels across all deployment models.

National Pharmacies enhances customer loyalty and lowers cost of compliance

Adopting compliant cloud disaster recovery to enhance business continuity

Cloud backup and disaster recovery provides reliable methods to secure all types of sensitive data from infrastructure failures and malicious attacks. Oracle’s distributed cloud services enable various methods and topologies for data and applications—in the cloud, on-premises, or using hybrid approach. Oracle’s multi-region realm setup helps achieve a greater degree of sovereignty.

Gonzaga University upgrades to Oracle Cloud for better security

Applying a distributed cloud strategy to meet regulatory needs

By leveraging a distributed cloud infrastructure, organizations can meet compliance requirements while benefiting from the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing. Oracle’s distributed cloud services offer you more options to control your data, ensuring data sovereignty and security.

Oracle' Distributed Cloud Delivers More Choices to Customers Worldwide

Highly regulated industries

Secure data and protect patient privacy in the cloud

Healthcare organizations can better adapt to modern challenges with the cloud. With solutions such as a data lakehouse, AI, and machine learning (ML), electronic health record (EHR) data is no longer siloed, televisits can be utilized at scale, and organizations can rapidly respond to changes in supply and regulations. Oracle Cloud services regularly undergo independent third-party audits, including ISO 27000 series, SOC, HDS, HIPAA, and HITRUST.

Satisfying HIPAA security requirements in OCI

Maintain complete control over data and financial governance

The financial services industry is one of the most demanding in terms of regulation and security. Financial transactions require high-performance processing and architectures that enable stable operations. Specialized on-premises cloud solutions such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region and Oracle Alloy continue to deliver greater business value to our customers faster and easier than ever before while maintaining stringent levels of control and governance.

Financial services:
NRI Selects OCI Dedicated Region to Support Hundreds of Millions of Financial Trades a Day

End-to-end policy and control over applications and infrastructure from core to edge

Distributed cloud architecture allows telcos to store and process data in a geographically distributed manner to improve performance by reducing latency, improving data access times, and achieving greater sovereignty by storing data in compliance with local regulations and data protection laws. Oracle’s distributed cloud services can help telcos achieve both performance and sovereignty.

Unlocking 5G with end-to-end distributed cloud

Governments across the globe

Cloud regions optimized for scale, designed with security first, aligned with a nation’s security initiatives

The U.S. Department of Defense, UK Government and Defence, and the Australian Government and Defence cloud regions are sovereign, dedicated cloud regions designed in collaboration with local defense and government agencies to meet data sovereignty requirements and access a complete cloud infrastructure platform supporting highly secret and top secret, classified, and mission-critical workloads.

Oracle Cloud regions for US government and defense agencies

Boost public sector innovation and help ensure data sovereignty

Many government agencies have selected OCI Dedicated Region to accelerate digital transformation. Between the new services and the data sovereignty offerings, OCI Dedicated Region is strengthening government digital infrastructure for the modern economy.

Sultanate of Oman and Oracle Extend Collaboration to Establish Oman’s First Hyperscale Cloud Region

Protect mission-critical workloads with OCI’s dedicated two-region model

Mission continuity is essential for global customers entrusted with highly classified, sensitive data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s two-region deployment strategy enables you to deploy resilient services in multiple geographically separated locations within the same national/regional borders to help you build true business continuity and disaster protection and meet regulatory and sovereignty requirements.

Oracle Cloud for UK Government & Defence

OCI’s distributed cloud: Cloud services everywhere you need them

Expanding cloud options for customers with more public cloud, multicloud, hybrid cloud, and dedicated cloud capabilities.

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EU Sovereign Cloud

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is available in Frankfurt, Germany, and Madrid, Spain. Interested in learning more? Let one of our experts help.

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