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Migrate to Big Data Service

Confidently migrate to Oracle Big Data Service (BDS) using a proven, end-to-end approach. Whether you're working with existing data lakes, Spark, Hadoop, Flink, Hive, or other Hadoop components, you can seamlessly transition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). There's no need for significant configuration, integration, or disruption to your source environments. Access step-by-step resources that outline best practices and benefit from expert guidance provided by Oracle engineers and partners.

Migrate to Big Data Service in four steps

Migration overview, details below

Below are steps to consider when planning your migration to Big Data service. Steps fall into four categories: A) Plan, B) Prepare, C) Execute, D) Validate. What follows is a list of steps, broken down by category.

Category A: Plan (this category is visually represented by the image of a looking glass)

  1. Assess current infrastructure
  2. Define migration strategy
  3. Determine resource requirements

Category B: Prepare (this category is visually represented by the image of a checklist)

  1. Evaluate data transfer options
  2. Prepare data for migration
  3. Configure network connectivity

Category C: Execute (this category is visually represented by the image of an arrow)

  1. Provision BDS environment
  2. Deploy required services
  3. Migrate data and workloads

Category D: Validate (this category is visually represented by the image of checkmark)

  1. Verify data integrity
  2. Test performance and functionality
  3. Conduct user acceptance testing

Step-by-step big data migration guides

Migrating to Big Data Service enables you to meet your workload and budget requirements by gaining dynamic control of the capacity and resources of your cluster hosts. Having infinite scalability for both compute and storage allows you to quickly scale cluster resources up or down. In addition, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect and private subnets provide a complete, private high-speed access to your cluster that makes it an extension of your data center network. Access step-by-step migration guides below.

Here’s how to migrate from Oracle Big Data Appliance or Big Data Cloud Service to Big Data Service.

At a high level, you do the following:

  • Back up your Big Data Appliance or Big Data Cloud Service data and metadata to Oracle Object Storage.
  • Create a Big Data Service cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Restore your Big Data Appliance or Big Data Cloud Service data from Oracle Object Storage to Big Data Service.

Here’s how to migrate from Oracle Big Data Cloud and Big Data Cloud Compute Edition (BDC or BDCE) to Big Data Service. You can migrate your artifacts to OCI Big Data Service from BDC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic or BDC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

At a high level, you do the following:

  • Export your existing cloud resources from BDC to Object Storage.
  • Import the exported cloud resources from Object Storage to Big Data Service.
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Migrate with assistance from an Oracle Big Data partner

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